From Jackson to Cheyenne: The State Department's Impact on Wyoming

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#State4States: The Department of State has direct impact on the state of Wyoming

From Jackson to Cheyenne: The State Department's Impact on Wyoming

On behalf of the American people, the State Department promotes and demonstrates democratic values and advances a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. By leading America’s foreign policy through diplomacy, advocacy, and assistance, the Department keeps the American people safe both at home and abroad and advances our shared economic prosperity. The State Department directly impacts the “Equality State” of Wyoming through programs that benefit Wyomingites who want to serve their country, through job creation, and through educational partnerships.

First, the State Department actively seeks diverse candidates from across the country for U.S. Foreign and Civil Service careers, as well as fellowships and internships. For example, the Thomas R. Pickering and Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship Programs are designed to enhance diversity, encouraging applications from minority groups historically underrepresented at the Department, women, and those with financial need. Each fellowship provides financial assistance towards the completion of a two-year master’s degree in a field related to the Foreign Service, academic funding, mentorship, and two internships – one in the United States and the other abroad at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Fellows commit to a minimum of five years in the Foreign Service. Two fellows are from the state of Wyoming. We also hold recruitment events in in the state and have hired several dozen individuals with ties to Wyoming to join the Foreign Service and represent the United States abroad, including four who entered on duty this year.

Secondly, the State Department, in partnership with agencies across the federal government, creates jobs for Wyoming workers by opening markets and eliminating trade barriers overseas, as well as by attracting foreign direct investment to the United States. In 2018, Wyoming exported $1.3 billion in goods, and as of 2016, Wyoming goods exports supported approximately 5,384 jobs. Foreign direct investment into Wyoming supported an additional 7,300 jobs in 2016.

Finally, the State Department facilitates programs between Wyoming’s universities and higher education institutions around the world. As a result of a U.S. Mission Brazil-funded visit to the United States, the State University of Goias established a partnership with the University of Wyoming to create an English immersion program for 60 Brazilian students and faculty. Wyoming faculty, students, and volunteers traveled to the city of Pirenopolis, Brazil, and spent one week interacting with the Brazilian participants in English. As a follow up to this program, the President and Director for International Affairs of the State University of Goias traveled to Wyoming to meet with University leadership and discuss future collaboration between the U.S. and Brazilian institutions. Exchanges like this strengthen university partnerships and our people-to-people relationships.

From Jackson to Cheyenne, the State Department positively impacts Wyomingites through job creation, educational exchange, and programs that benefit Wyomingites who want to enter federal service. Nevertheless, the impact is not limited to Wyoming communities, but extends beyond Wyoming’s borders to Brazil, and beyond.

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