From Logan to St. George: The State Department's Impact on Utah

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#State4States: The Department of State has direct impact on the state of Utah

From Logan to St. George: The State Department's Impact on Utah

On behalf of the American people, the State Department promotes and demonstrates democratic values and advances a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. By leading America’s foreign policy through diplomacy, advocacy, and assistance, the Department keeps the American people safe both at home and abroad and advances our shared economic prosperity. The State Department directly impacts the “Beehive State” of Utah through economic investment, environmental conservation efforts, and intercountry adoption support.

First, the State Department, in partnership with agencies across the federal government, creates jobs for Utah workers by opening markets and eliminating trade barriers overseas, as well as by attracting foreign direct investment to the United States. In 2018, Utah exported $14.3 billion in goods, and as of 2016, Utah goods exports supported approximately 51,267 jobs. Foreign direct investment into Utah supported an additional 47,800 jobs in 2016.

Second, the State Department’s Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs advocates in meetings of the Convention on Biological Diversity for the conservation of pollinators. Pollinators contribute $24 billion to the national economy and $292 million to the economy of Utah alone for alfalfa - vital for the production of cattle for beef and dairy - as well as millions more for other agricultural products like cherries and peaches. This advocacy has a positive impact on Utah’s economy and, in turn, its communities.

Finally, the State Department impacts Utah through the intercountry adoption process. In Fiscal Year 2017, the Bureau of Consular Affairs issued visas to 57 children who were adopted by U.S. citizens from Utah. Intercountry adoption is one of the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ highest priorities, as the bureau’s Office of Children’s Issues works diligently to establish and maintain intercountry adoption as a viable option for children in need of permanency throughout the world when it is in the best interest of the child and domestic solutions have been given due consideration.

From Logan to St. George, the State Department positively impacts the people of Utah through economic and environmental programs that benefit Utah workers, and through support for Utah families.

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