Why You Should Apply for Your Passport This Fall or Winter

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Why You Should Apply for Your Passport This Fall or Winter

Studies have shown the anticipation of a vacation can bring you just as much joy as the vacation itself. Don’t miss out on that joy because you’re worried about your passport arriving in time. We recommend applying this fall or winter for your spring or summer vacation. Here’s why:

1. Special Passport Month Application Acceptance Events

September is Passport Month. To celebrate, we’re hosting special passport acceptance events nationwide. Many of these events are on Saturdays for applicants who need to apply in person but struggle to find time during the week, such as people with a 9-5 work schedule or for children, who need both parents present when applying for their passport.

2. Avoid the Expedite Fee

We wish it were not the case, but many people apply for a passport at the last minute – only a few weeks (or even days!) before a vacation. It’s easy to forget that you need a passport until your travel is right around the corner. Additionally, many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months beyond your trip. You may think you can wait until after your trip to renew, but realize last minute that your passport does not meet your destination’s validity requirements. Avoid the rush and save the $60 expedite fee by applying during Passport Month for your upcoming spring or summer vacation.

3. Lower Demand = Faster Service

Fewer people apply in the fall and winter months, so our processing times are faster. If your passport will expire in the next year, go ahead and submit it for a renewal this fall or winter to minimize the amount of time you’re without it. You never know when the perfect last-minute opportunity will pop up!

Ready to Apply?

Start the process by visiting travel.state.gov/passport. There are different processes for first-time applicants, people applying for a renewal, and children. First-time applicants and children under 16 years old need to apply in person and submit original documents.-. Most adult renewals can be completed by mail. Determine which form you should use and how much it will cost by answering a few questions on our website.

Your next adventure awaits. Are you ready for it? #BeginYourJourney

About the Author: Laura Pascarella serves in the Bureau of Consular Affairs' Office of Passport Services.

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