From Portland to Medford: The State Department's Impact on Oregon

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#State4States: The Department of State has direct impact on the state of Oregon

From Portland to Medford: The State Department's Impact on Oregon

On behalf of the American people, the State Department promotes and demonstrates democratic values and advances a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. By leading America’s foreign policy through diplomacy, advocacy, and assistance, the Department keeps the American people safe both at home and abroad and advances our shared economic prosperity. The State Department directly impacts the “Beaver State” of Oregon through environmental partnerships, counterterrorism cooperation, and mutually beneficial research relationships.

First, the State Department positively impacts Oregon on environmental issues through the EcoPartnerships program. EcoPartnerships between the United States and China harness the energy and ingenuity in both countries to conduct innovative projects. There are 38 current and graduated EcoPartnerships involving approximately 15 provinces and municipalities in China and 20 states in the U.S., including Oregon. The graduated EcoPartnership between the cities of Portland and Kunming, China, focused on transit-oriented planning, bicycle networks, green building, and growth boundaries, to the benefit of both of our countries.

Secondly, the State Department enables counterparts from Oregon and other countries to cooperate on counterterrorism issues and countering violent extremism. The State Department has sent over 100 officers from the Portland Police Bureau to Bangladesh to serve as embedded community policing mentors. While the Portland Police are providing the training, they are also reaping benefits from the program. Participating officers have described the experience in Bangladesh as transformational, leading to improved police-community relations at home. As a result, Portland police officers are also better able to engage with minority and immigrant communities in their own city.

Finally, the State Department seeks to create mutually beneficial relationships between states and the people and institutions of other countries. U.S. Embassy Ljubljana partnered with Crater Lake National Park in Oregon and Triglav National Park in Slovenia to help create “The Crater Lake-Triglav National Park Partnership,” a newly-established sister park relationship. An exchange of delegations from Oregon and Slovenia resulted in ongoing environmental research cooperation between the parks, as well as an interest among Slovenians in traveling to Crater Lake. Programs like this one foster collaboration, mutual understanding, and bolster the local economy through tourism.

From Portland to Medford, the State Department positively impacts Oregonians through environmental collaboration, counterterrorism cooperation, and the expansion of people-to-people relationships and scientific research partnerships. Programs like these not only benefit the people of Oregon, but people around the world.

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