From Buffalo to New York City: The State Department's Impact on New York

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#State4States: The Department of State has direct impact on the state of New York

From Buffalo to New York City: The State Department's Impact on New York

On behalf of the American people, the State Department promotes and demonstrates democratic values and advances a free, peaceful, and prosperous world. By leading America’s foreign policy through diplomacy, advocacy, and assistance, the Department keeps the American people safe both at home and abroad and advances our shared economic prosperity. The State Department directly impacts the “Empire State” of New York through environmental partnerships, support for New York-based institutions, and law enforcement cooperation.

First, the State Department impacts New York on environmental issues through the EcoPartnerships program. EcoPartnerships between the United States and China harness the energy and ingenuity in both countries to conduct innovative projects. There are 38 current and graduated EcoPartnerships involving approximately 15 provinces and municipalities in China and 20 states in the U.S., including New York. The EcoPartnership between Stony Brook University and Tongji University in Shanghai is testing a suite of cutting-edge landfill-gas-to-liquids technologies to produce alternative fuels for transportation, heating, or electricity generation. The EcoPartnership between Columbia University and the Baotou Steel Group focuses on recycling iron and steel slag waste. And, the graduated U.S.-China EcoPartnership between the New York Institute of Technology and Peking University enabled effective detection, protection, and monitoring of groundwater resources.

Secondly, the State Department helps New York’s educational institutions build bridges with international counterparts. State University of New York (SUNY) Purchase College’s professors and 20 film students traveled to Benin in 2017 under the Cinenomad project, in partnership with the Institut Supérieur des Métiers de l'Audiovisuel (ISMA). Purchase College professors then returned to Benin in January 2018, and the U.S. Embassy in Cotonou used its extensive network to connect them to leading Beninese figures in the arts, music, theater, dance, and other cultural fields. Building on these connections, Purchase College established lasting partnerships and annual academic exchanges for cross-cultural documentary and narrative film production.

Finally, the Diplomatic Security Service’s (DSS) New York Field Office (NYFO) investigates visa and passport fraud, which often are used to commit transnational crimes. For instance, in “Operation Cinderella Story,” NYFO special agents led the investigation that dismantled a major transnational human trafficking criminal network operating in South Korea and New York City. In addition to investigating crimes, NYFO special agents provide protective detail support to the large diplomatic community in New York City, and help with DSS’ year-long preparations to secure the annual U.N. General Assembly. DSS special agents in New York also protect the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and have a full-time Regional Security Officer assigned to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

From Buffalo to New York City, the State Department positively impacts New Yorkers through wide-ranging cooperative partnerships that improve the environment, promote international exchanges, and keep Americans safe.

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