'A Foreign Policy From the Founding'

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'A Foreign Policy From the Founding'

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo delivered keynote remarks at the Claremont Institute’s 40th Anniversary Gala in Beverly Hills, California, on May 11, 2019. In his remarks, Secretary Pompeo discussed foreign affairs at America's Founding and characterized the foreign policy of the early republic with three words: realism, restraint, and respect. 

Secretary Pompeo then contrasted the Founders’ ideas to the foreign policy of the late 20th and early 21st century. The Secretary said, "American leaders had drifted from realism. At the dawn of the post-Cold war era, hopes were high that enfolding the likes of China and Russia into a so-called rules-based international order would hasten their domestic evolution towards democracy. We hoped this order -- comprised of institutions and agreed upon by codes of conduct -- would temper their actions towards neighbors and to our country."

Secretary Pompeo then outlined a foreign policy "that returns America to old truths." The Secretary said, "...President Trump has helped put the world back on track to a nation-first trajectory, and I am confident that this reawakening will last well beyond this, his presidency."  The Secretary then concluded, "...We have embarked on a foreign policy that takes seriously the Founders’ ideas of individual liberty and constitutional government. And because of it, American exceptionalism – and the American Founding – will remain alive and well in the 21st century."

You can read the Secretary's full remarks here.