One Team, One Mission: Introducing Our Ethos

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One Team, One Mission: Introducing Our Ethos

On April 26, Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo delivered remarks to State Department employees in the Department's C Street Lobby, where he unveiled the Department's new Ethos:

I am a champion of American diplomacy.

My colleagues and I proudly serve the United States and the American people at the Department of State, America’s first executive department.

We support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

We protect the American people and promote their interests and values around the world by leading our nation’s foreign policy.

As a member of this team, I serve with unfailing professionalism, in both my demeanor and my actions, even in the face of adversity.

I act with uncompromising personal and professional integrity.

I take ownership of and responsibility for my actions and decisions.

And I show unstinting respect in word and deed for my colleagues and all who serve alongside of me.

Together, we are the United States Department of State.

In his remarks, Secretary Pompeo said, "...the Ethos gives us a common foundation for all of the work we do across this broad spectrum of our mission sets. I hope, too, this starts a chain reaction. Greater respect and accountability will continue to boost our esprit de corps, and a greater team spirit will build our confidence, the swagger I spoke about a year ago, with a major positive impact on our capacity to deliver around the world."