The American People Stand With the Courageous People of Venezuela

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The American People Stand With the Courageous People of Venezuela

On February 18, President Donald J. Trump delivered remarks to the Venezuelan American community in Miami reiterating the need for countries to recognize Juan Guaido as interim president. The President said, "Today, more than 50 countries around the world now recognize the rightful government of Venezuela.  And the Venezuelan people have spoken, and the world has heard their beautiful voice. They are turning the page on socialism, turning the page on dictatorship, and there will be no going back." 

In his remarks, the President also urged Venezuelan security forces to allow humanitarian assistance to enter the country, noting that truckloads filled with desperately needed humanitarian supplies were being stopped at the borders of Venezuela. He stated, "we must all work together to end a humanitarian disaster." 

On February 17, Secretary Pompeo echoed Interim President Juan Guaidó's request to help meet the urgent needs of the people of Venezuela.

USAID Administrator Green and other USAID officials traveled to the Republic of Colombia, February 15 to February 18, to visit the border with Venezuela as the United States airlifted and pre-positioned additional humanitarian commodities to provide relief to tens of thousands of Venezuelans who are suffering from severe shortages of food and medicine caused by the mismanagement of the illegitimate Maduro regime.

During this trip, USAID Administrator Mark Green presented the United States’ second tranche of humanitarian assistance to help Venezuelans in need. Administrator Green said, "This assistance comes at an urgent time. The humanitarian need in Venezuela is vast, and it is growing each and every day. Children are going hungry, and nearly every hospital in Venezuela is experiencing serious medicine shortages."

Administrator Green reiterated that the United States will continue to stand with the people of Venezuela and with Interim President Guaidó and those in Venezuela who seek a government that represents their interests and is responsive to their needs.

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