Iran Diplomacy Update

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Iran Diplomacy Update

Today, Brian Hook, State Department Director of Policy Planning, provided an update on the progress we’re making to advance the President’s Iran policy. Mr. Hook said:

“It has been almost two months since President Trump announced our withdrawal from the Iran deal and a little over one month since Secretary Pompeo laid out a roadmap for achieving a better deal.  The Secretary outlined a clear and compelling vision for a better future for the Iranian people. This future can only be realized, though, if Iran meets 12 demands to become a normal country. Normal countries don’t terrorize other nations, proliferate missiles, and impoverish their own people.  As Secretary Pompeo has said, this new strategy is not about changing the regime, it is about changing the behavior of the leadership in Iran to comport with what the Iranian people really want them to do. A key part of our strategy is a campaign of maximum economic and diplomatic pressure.”

Mr. Hook continued, “In addition to building a campaign of strong economic pressure, Secretary Pompeo has also made it a priority to stand with the Iranian people, who are the longest-suffering victims of the Iranian regime.” 

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