U.S. Citizen Safety is Our Priority!

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A graphic shows the new Consular Affairs Travel Alert website format on a computer, a tablet and a phone.

U.S. Citizen Safety is Our Priority!

It shouldn’t be a surprise that I work with a lot of people who, like myself, are passionate about international travel.  We love to travel.  And we want you to travel. But we want your time abroad to be both enjoyable and safe – so take us with you.  Our information, that is.

Your safety is our priority.  That’s why we’ve made our travel advice easy to find, understand, and use by putting it on one, mobile-friendly page on our website, travel.state.gov.  So before you start packing your bags, begin your travel planning by going to our country page for your dream destination at travel.state.gov/destination

A screenshot example of the new Travel Advisory system on travel.state.gov.

What will you find on that country page?  You’ll find a Travel Advisory with one of four levels of advice, and Alerts that tell you about emerging situations in that location like demonstrations, crime trends, and weather events that could affect your safety and security. 

There are also details about entry/exit requirements for a country, local laws and customs, health conditions, transportation, and other relevant topics.  Our information can help you assess for yourself whether traveling there is right for you and how to prepare if you decide to go.

Not yet set on a particular destination but want to know our travel advice for various countries? Visit travel.state.gov/traveladvisories for a list of all countries and their Travel Advisory levels.  You can also see the world at a glance, color-coded by Travel Advisory levels.

Your travel prep shouldn’t stop there. Stay connected with us while you’re abroad. Conditions in any country can change at any time, so sign up at step.state.gov to get up-to-date Travel Advisories and Alerts as you travel. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

So while you are dreaming about all the beautiful locations, fascinating cultures, and delicious food this big world has to offer, remember one thing: We love to travel. We want you to travel. Take us with you!

About the Author: Michelle Bernier-Toth is the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Overseas Citizen Services in the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the Department of State.

Editor’s Note: This entry also appears in the U.S. Department of State’s publication on Medium.