Bringing the World’s Fair to Minnesota in 2023

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Bringing the World’s Fair to Minnesota in 2023

It has been nearly 40 years since the United States has hosted a World Expo (historically called World’s Fairs in the United States) where nations, civic groups, companies, and others host pavilions and exhibits highlighting advances in social, technological, and scientific areas of global significance. We want to change that by bringing the World’s Fair to the heartland of the United States in 2023: Minnesota!

As a native Minnesotan born and raised in Duluth, I can assure you that Minnesota – one of the world’s most important centers of excellence and innovation in health, medical sciences and the promotion of wellness – is uniquely positioned to achieve the Expo 2023 theme, ‘Healthy People, Healthy Planet,’ highlighting the importance of health and wellness at the global level. Besides being a beautiful state with the nicest people you will ever meet, Minnesota is home to companies, academic institutions and research centers that are among the top institutions in the world, including America’s top ranked hospital, the Mayo Clinic.

I hope that our international energy partner countries, who are members of the Bureau of International Expositions, can support the U.S. bid when they vote tomorrow, November 15, in Paris! Simply put: this heartland state with an international vibe has a bit of everything and we hope to welcome you and the world to Minnesota in 2023.

About the Author: Sue Saarnio serves as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Energy and Resources at the U.S. Department of State.