Vice President Pence Underscores the United States' Unwavering Commitment to the U.S.-Australia Alliance

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Vice President Pence Underscores the United States' Unwavering Commitment to the U.S.-Australia Alliance

On April 22, Vice President Mike Pence traveled to Sydney, Australia to meet with government officials, U.S. and Australian service members, and deliver remarks to the U.S. and Australian business community.

During his meeting with Australian officials, Vice President Pence underscored the United States' unwavering commitment to the U.S.-Australia alliance and to the broader Asia-Pacific region.

At a press conference with Australian Prime Minster Turnbull, Vice President Pence said, “Australia is, and always will be, one of America’s closest allies and truest friends.”

“I trust that my visit here today -- on my very first trip to the Asia Pacific as Vice President of the United States -- and the President’s plans to travel to this region this fall, are a strong sign of our enduring commitment to the historic alliance between the people of the United States of America and the people of Australia.” 

While thanking the Australian people for their friendship and support throughout the years during international conflicts, Vice President Pence said, “The sons and daughters of both our lands have fought together in every major conflict for the past 100 years.  From World Wars One and Two, to Korea, to Vietnam, and most recently, in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, our grandparents, our parents, and now our children have served together and sacrificed together, and have defended our freedom and all that we hold dear. That represents the foundation of an unshakeable bond between America and Australia.”

And as old conflicts continue and new ones arise, Vice President Pence reaffirmed that the United States and Australia will continue to work together, “Even now our citizens serve together, in Afghanistan and in the fight against ISIS. And around the world, we are deepening our defense collaboration, and as Prime Minister Turnbull and I discussed today, we will continue to deepen our defense and security collaboration in the days ahead.”

On the issue of economic partnership, Vice President Pence, during his remarks to the U.S. and Australia business community, expressed the United States’ gratefulness for having Australia as an economic and trading partner, “You create jobs in both of our countries. You drive innovation. You open up opportunity. And you’ve helped build a strong and durable bond between the United States and Australia.”

On exports, Vice President Pence said, “Countless American companies export tens of billions of dollars’ worth of goods and services to Australia every year -- machines, appliances, automobiles, parts, electrical machinery, textiles, apparel, you name it.”

“Today, more than a quarter of a million American jobs depend on exports to Australia. The American people are grateful.”

On investment, Vice President Pence said, “Today, the United States is Australia’s leading destination for investment, and we're grateful. Australian companies have invested just under $45 billion in America, where they employ over 95,000 Americans in good-paying jobs.”

At the conclusion of his remarks, Vice President Pence reiterated his confidence and faith in the U.S.-Australia alliance and assured the audience that the relationship between the two countries will only grow stronger.


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