Secretary Kerry Meets With Indian Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi

Posted by Jillian Carrigan
August 1, 2014
Secretary Kerry Meets With Indian Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi

When Secretary of State John Kerry and newly-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi met in New Delhi on August 1, they talked about many topics like climate change, technology, energy, and Afghanistan.  But, the most important topic was the strength of our partnership.  The renewed spirit of optimism about the relationship between United States and India is undeniable. The Strategic Dialogue this week was just the beginning of what promises to be a very exciting time, with more high-level visits planned, including Prime Minister Modi’s travel to the United States in September. 

To be sure, India and the United States do not agree on everything. But, the overall attitude and atmosphere is clear: The United States and India are in this together.

About the Author: Jillian Carrigan serves as the India Desk Officer in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs.

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saif k.
Maryland, USA
August 4, 2014
thanks to John Kerry continue your hard work to maintain discipline and peace in the world for better life of future global generation God designed this world to live human peaceful happy life and purpose of life just happiness and this is possible only in America leadership this is the only nation on earth work hard to make another nation life better global national leaders Corporation with American leadership.turn this world to heaven .Benefit for all humanity American relation with India always benefit India million of Indian live in America very good happy life .good for the Indian economy Indian education is very good . American Indian relations good for both countries .Global nation leaders must unite for better life for future generations ..
September 22, 2014
SUB : DEVELOPMENT AGENDA . SERIES - XXIV - SUGGESTING INDIA'S CHINA POLICY - READING CHINESE AND PAK PSYCHOLOGY . No body in the world including India should live in an illusion that CHINA can be a good friend . As Pakistan's agenda is complete ISLAMI-KARAN of entire world , so also China's agenda is complete hegemony of the entire world . CHINA wishes to bring entire world under its thumb . Whosoever extends a hand of friendship to China , its first conditionality is that ITS FRIEND will not talk to and enter into any agreement with any other country in the world without its prior permission . 2. China has imposed its will on all its neighbours without exception .Be it Japan , Vietnam , Taiwan , Australia or India . In China's scheme of things, this conditionality is not reciprocal . While it is engaged in various projects in POK without Indian node , it is averse to India entering into any form of commercial agreement with its friend VIETNAM or JAPAN . 3. China has never been at peace even within China amongst themselves . Red revolution unleashed by Mao in power struggle within CHINA in the sixties has claimed millions of lives in country . Present setup is also temporary . There will be mass bloodshed whenever there is fresh power struggle . Imagine , how much a country which is not concerned about bloodshed of its own citizens can be relied upon . 4. While most countries of world , maintain sanctity of territorial or commercial agreements with other countries , you can not trust China & Pakistan on the issue of sanctity of engagements and agreements . Even while Border Management Agreement is in place between India & China , later is intruding border between the two countries regularly. 5. In the prevailing situation , India has no alternative except to shed its inhibitions towards US and firmly hold its hand of friendship . India should partner US in its border management . India should side with US in all international affairs including concerning China or middle east . India should preferably join NATO BLOCK to be secure . RN Kapil. 996828644. New Delhi.


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