Readout of Secretary Kerry's Call With Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
July 27, 2014
Secretary Kerry Makes a Phone Call During Travel to the Middle East

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov about the situation in Ukraine.  According to a senior State Department official:

"During a phone call this afternoon, Secretary Kerry urged Foreign Minister Lavrov to stop the flow of heavy weapons and rocket and artillery fire from Russia into Ukraine, and to begin to contribute to deescalating the conflict.  He did not accept Foreign Minister Lavrov’s denial that heavy weapons from Russia were contributing to the conflict. 

"Secretary Kerry provided an update on his meetings in the Middle East and Paris this past week and the ongoing efforts to achieve a ceasefire.

“The Secretary underlined our support for a mutual cease fire verified by the OSCE and reaffirmed our strong support for the international investigation to show the facts of MH17.”

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zaouda g.
Côte d'Ivoire
July 27, 2014
Mr Kerry i have the strong conviction that the crisis in palestine and israel is the key point to stop war everywhere in europe and asia .so please focuss on that and by so doing american leadership will be recognized by all the countries and territories. thank you for US government EFFORTS TO SOLVE POLITICLY THOSE CRISIS
Linda T.
Michigan, USA
July 28, 2014
The United States need to fight Evil....I am surprised but yet now days I only expect it....The USA needs to stay on the side of news from any of the major stations are reporting the truth. Hamas is evil and they will Kill anyone who does not agree with their charter....what are you doing?//stand firm and strong and back the TRUTH...otherwise we will have to fight Hamas in our own back and this administration is putting the American People in HARMS WAY....and you know he number 1 responsibility of the FED. GOVT..
Maureen V.
Massachusetts, USA
July 28, 2014
"To put it mildly the world is a mess", Madeleine Albright former U.S.Secretary of State (Face The Nation) 7/28/14. The challenge of diplomacy not to mention unexpected behavior of world leaders is to get us back on track and stabilize. I admire your positions Secretary kerry whether or not they are acceptable to all. Thanks Dipnote Bloggers.
Patrick W.
Maryland, USA
July 30, 2014
I'm with you Linda, "The USA needs to stay on the side of Israel" .


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