Secretary @JohnKerry Joins Bill Nye @TheScienceGuy for an #OceanChat

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June 17, 2014
Secretary Kerry Participates in a Twitter Q&A With Bill Nye

Today, during the second day of the State Department’s first-ever “Our Ocean” Conference, Secretary Kerry took to Twitter to answer questions from Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” and others, on how we can work together to help build a better future for our ocean.  

For the Q&A, Secretary Kerry and Nye asked for people to submit their questions on Twitter in advance using the hashtag #OceanChat.

Nye asked Secretary Kerry about one of the three main pillars of the conference, ocean acidification:

Nye then asked Secretary Kerry about another important issue that relates to the future of our oceans, climate change:

Nye also asked the Secretary about an important part of protecting our ocean and its important inhabitants:

One of the first questions Secretary Kerry took from the public was on how youth can get involved in cutting down on marine pollution:

And another question on the reality of what will happen to our ocean if we don’t take action now to protect them:

As the Twitter Q&A came to an end, Secretary Kerry and Nye wrapped up and exchanged "thank-yous" for a good conversation on a "big" issue.



Kristy T.
Iowa, USA
June 19, 2014
Please don't give up the fight. You are all of our voices that don't have the power you do. I am outraged at comments by Doc Hastings of Washington (LA times). But am uplifted back up by all of you. It's so great to see my idols all together...Sylvia Earle, Leonardo DiCaprio, Louie Psihoyos and now Bill Nye just to name a few. Rick Springfield's new book also talks about the Ocean problem---p.174 I believe. Thanks for giving us hope! and for all your hard work :)


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