#StrongDiplomacy: Secretary Kerry's AIPAC Speech in 12 Tweets

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
March 6, 2014
Secretary Kerry Meets With AIPAC Leaders

On March 3, 2014, Secretary of State John Kerry spoke before an enthusiastic crowd of 14,000 people at the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference (AIPAC).  Here is his speech, summarized in 12 Tweets of 140 characters or less.

This administration’s record in providing aid and assistance, consultation, weapons, help, and moral support in international fora for Israel is clear.

We are committed to opposing arbitrary boycotts and other efforts to deligitmate Israel and its right to exist.       

The U.S. will put the full force of our diplomacy into resolving these two questions, in order to ensure Israel’s security.

President Obama: “We will not permit Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, period.”     


Strong diplomacy will be backed up by sanctions that will not be lifted until an agreement is negotiated.  


The leaders on both sides know what the "endgame" will look like. But they have to make the tough decisions to make it a reality.  


The U.S. is committed to Israeli security, and one of the most important elements of that is a lasting peace with their Palestinian neighbors.    

The Secretary and the State Department are committed to seeing this process through to the end.



Bennett B.
Massachusetts, USA
April 29, 2014
I applaud Secretary Kerry for stating what has become obvious: that Israel is becoming an apartheid state. It is important to know that citizens who have "no horses in this race" want a humane and unbiased policy with regard to Israel and it's treatment of non Jewish citizens.


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