Lift Bangladesh: A New Avenue for Charitable Giving

Posted by Dan Mozena
November 7, 2013

Korvi Rakshand is a smart, educated, and devoted young man who decided to put aside pressure to take over the family business in order to give life to his idea of a free-of-charge English-language school to educate Dhaka's poorest children.  In 2007, his vision took the form of a carpet, a black board, a box of chalk, and a handful of students from a local slum.  Today, JAAGO is a well-known youth-based organization with over 300 students, two branches, and thousands of volunteers.  Korvi is devoted to the underprivileged population in his home country of Bangladesh, but like many NGOs he struggles to get recognition and funding to continue his work.

Stories like Korvi’s are why the U.S. Mission in Bangladesh partnered with Jolkona to build a website that would connect potential donors to organizations that, like JAAGO, are truly making a difference in Bangladesh.  With the launch of, we have created a place for people to support innovative projects in Bangladesh.  In return, the organizations have committed to providing donors regular feedback, so they can know how their donations are being used to build a stronger Bangladesh.

Young Boys Play in Bangladesh

It is our hope that as a community we can support these organizations and their leaders and continue to provide new opportunities for you to support social innovation in Bangladesh.

We need more Korvi’s in the world.  Please take a moment to visit to learn how you can support Bangladesh, and the organizations there who are striving to make the world a better place.

About the Author: Dan Mozena serves as U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh.



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