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Posted by Ashli L. Savoy
October 24, 2013
A Jordanian Peacekeeper Shares a Laugh With a Child

Today is UN Day, which marks the anniversary of the day the UN Charter entered into force in 1945.  As we celebrate the birthday of the United Nations, it’s appropriate to pause and recall the organization’s indispensable role in serving as a forum for forging shared solutions to global challenges, and why it still matters 68 years later.

Whether it is providing food to the needy through the WFP, assisting refugees through the UN Refugee Agency, supporting children’s education with UNICEF, promoting human rights at the Human Rights Council, advocating for opportunities for women, battling disease, or confronting environmental challenges, the United States and the United Nations frequently work together to make a difference around the world.    

There are many practical ways that the UN and its network of organizations remain relevant today.  Through the Universal Postal Union we ensure fair and efficient global standards and agreements for the delivery of more than 400 billion letters and packages every year.  The World Meteorological Organization, facilitates the exchange of weather and climate data among nations to improve prediction and response times to severe weather.  There are innumerable examples of how the UN and its agencies provide value to the nations of the world, including the United States. 

To create new space to highlight this value, we recently launched an Instagram page.  This page will allow us to share some behind the scenes snapshots of multilateral diplomacy in action, to discuss the important roles UN agencies play, and to hear from you.  Please give thought to why the UN Matters to YOU, and then post a video, photo, or quote on your Instagram page, using #UNMatters.  We’ll be watching for submissions and we’ll share our favorites with the rest of our online community.

About the Author: Ashli Savoy serves in the Bureau of International Organization Affairs.

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