Secretary Kerry Testifies on Syria Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

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September 3, 2013
Secretary Kerry Testifies on Syria Before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

On September 3, 2013, Secretary of State John Kerry delivered remarks on the situation in Syria before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Secretary Kerry said:

"...We’re here because against multiple warnings from the President of the United States, from the Congress, from our friends and allies around the world, and even from Russia and Iran, the Assad regime -- and only, undeniably, the Assad regime -- unleashed an outrageous chemical attack against its own citizens.  We’re here because a dictator and his family’s personal enterprise, in their lust to hold onto power, were willing to infect the air of Damascus with a poison that killed innocent mothers and fathers and hundreds of their children, their lives all snuffed out by gas in the early morning August 21."

Secretary Kerry continued, "...We can tell you beyond any reasonable doubt that our evidence proves the Assad regime prepared for this attack, issued instructions to prepare for this attack, warned its own forces to use gas masks.  We have physical evidence of where the rockets came from and when.  Not one rocket landed in regime-controlled territory.  Not one.  All of them landed in opposition-controlled or contested territory.  We have a map, physical evidence, showing every geographical point of impact -- and that is concrete.  Within minutes of the attack -- 90, I think, to be precise, maybe slightly shorter -- the social media exploded with horrific images of the damage that had been caused -- men and women, the elderly and children, sprawled on a hospital floor with no wounds, no blood -- but all dead.  Those scenes of human chaos and desperation were not contrived.  They were real.  No one could contrive such a scene."

The Secretary said, "...We're here because of what happened two weeks ago.  But we're also here because of what happened nearly a century ago, in the darkest moments of World War I and after the horror of gas warfare, when the vast majority of the world came together to declare, in no uncertain terms, that chemical weapons crossed a line of conscience and they must be banned from use forever.   Over the years that followed, over 180 countries -- including Iran, Iraq, and Russia -- agreed and they joined the Chemical Weapons Convention.  Even countries with whom we agree on little agreed on that conviction. 

"We need to send to Syria and to the world, to dictators and to terrorists, to allies, and to civilians alike the unmistakable message that when the United States of America and the world say 'Never again,' we don’t mean sometimes, we don’t mean somewhere.  Never means never."

You can watch the Secretary's remarks on YouTube or read the transcript of his opening statement here.

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Sharon B.
Idaho, USA
September 3, 2013
Dear Secretary Kerry, Please tell the global community that the US people are making it clear: we don't intend to put up with atrocities, but we are fed up with a global community that assumes the US will carry the risk and expense of world safety. A statement of support means nothing, nor do small supporting engagements from other countries. Tell them the US people are demanding they STEP UP or expect the US to become less supportive of them.. Yes, action is appropriate, but we resent the assumption that its our job..
Helainous .
New York, USA
September 5, 2013
COMMUNITY ORGANIZER GOES TO WAR Why is Congress even having a vote? This is nothing but a fig leaf to cover Obama’s own idiotic “red line” ultimatum to President Bashar al-Assad of Syria on chemical weapons. The Nobel Peace Prize winner needs to get Congress on the record so that whatever happens, the media can blame Republicans. Saddam launched nearly two dozen more chemical attacks on the Kurds, resulting in at least 50,000 deaths, perhaps three times that many. That’s to say nothing of the tens of thousands of Iranians Saddam killed with poison gas. Indeed, in making the case against Assad recently, Secretary of State John Kerry said his use of chemical weapons put him in the same league as “Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein.” Not even close — but may we ask why Kerry sneered at the war that removed such a monster as Hussein?
Mary I.
Tennessee, USA
September 5, 2013
Our "Great" Nobel Peace Prize winner is off to war! Congratulations, people, who really believed the Master Politician! WAKE UP!!! He bows to the New WORLD ORDER just like the REST of them. See how all the "peace-loving" liberals in Congress shout for war so they can protect their man. What a joke!! This is far, far greater than Syria. Get ready folks! This is not going to be as simple as a few dropped bombs. It never is, it never was, and it WON'T BE. I wonder how many bodies of dead women and children will be shown. They will far exceed the number they claim were gased. I love how we are going to "help" the Opposition( who most likely did the gasing). This is the group whose leader recently ate out the heart of his victim. Wake UP!!! This is not our friend., just like Morsi, the "democratically" elected leader was not. In fact Egypt didn't find him too "friendly" either! Americans better open their eyes as to who the Globalist, New World Order people are. They don't care which party is in control. They push their agenda forward with EITHER one. Their Big Money buys their votes. You don't think our congressmen answer to them? Guess again! You and I are being manipulated to think we are doing something noble JUST LIKE ALL OF THE OTHER TIMES!! Iraq was WRONG, Afghanistan was WRONG, Egypt was WRONG, Syria IS WRONG, and so will Saudi Arabia and Iran be WRONG. They will be next!! Our "leaders" are WRONG as they ignore the overwhelming MAJORITY who are AGAINST this. Why do we have them there if they GO AGAINST US?!!!!!!!


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