Celebrating Nelson Mandela International Day

Posted by Stephen Wood
July 18, 2013
Artwork Commemorating Nelson Mandela

July 18th marks Nelson Mandela’s 95th birthday and is recognized internationally as Nelson Mandela International Day, a day to remember and learn from the work of a man who showed South Africa and the world the power of nonviolent protest and forgiveness.

As people celebrate around the world, our posts in South Africa - Embassy Pretoria, Consulate Johannesburg, Consulate Cape Town, and Consulate Durban - are honoring Mandela’s legacy by helping local communities.

Consulate staff in Johannesburg engaged with local children and helped clean and paint the Thusong Youth Center in Alexandra Township, while staff from Consulate Cape Town repaired storm damage to a disadvantaged community and hosted a donation drive.  In Durban, consulate staff collected and donated recycled materials to be used to make educational toys and contributed books to be part of the “Tribute to Mandela” writing contest.  Embassy Pretoria also made a donation of 1 million Rand to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory to help display its collection of papers, posters, photos, and other items relating to Mandela’s work.

You can get involved by answering the call of the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the United Nations to devote 67 minutes of your time to helping others in honor of the 67 years Mandela spent as a human rights lawyer, prisoner of conscience, international peacemaker, and the first democratically elected president of a free South Africa.

About the Author: Stephen Wood serves as an editorial assistant for DipNote.


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