Ten Reasons Why You Should Apply for the UN’s Young Professionals Program

Posted by Ashli L. Savoy
July 8, 2013
Diplomats, Journalists, and Personnel Walk Past the UN Headquarters in New York

We want you to know about an important way for American citizens to apply to work at the United Nations.  The Young Professionals Program (YPP) examination, formerly known as the National Competitive Recruitment Examination, is currently accepting applications, and here’s why you should submit yours:

1.   It’s Free!

There is no cost to apply.  To qualify you need to be 32 years old or younger, hold at least a bachelor’s degree, speak either English and/or French fluently, and be a national of a participating country. The YPP examination is being offered in five job families this year: administration, finance, legal affairs, public information, and statistics.   Apply by August 2, 2013, for legal affairs, public information, and statistics, and September 5 for administration and finance.

2.   You Can Apply Online

To apply, complete a job application, which is made up of a profile section, an application form, and a cover letter on the United Nations' Careers Website

3.   Gain Valuable On-the-Job Experience and Learn New Skills

If you are interested in a career in these areas, you will have the opportunity to put your education and training to use and to develop new skills in a real-world, professional setting.

4.   Launch a Career as an International Public Servant

Successful candidates will be placed on a roster of qualified candidates who can be selected for available positions within the organization.  If recruited, you will initially be given a two-year fixed-term appointment followed by conversion to a continuing contract, pending satisfactory performance.

5.   Represent Your Country

Believe it or not, Americans are under-represented in terms of employment at the UN.  The YPP ensures equitable representation of all member states of the United Nations.

6.   Work With People From Around the World on Issues Facing the Global Community

At the UN, you will be a part of the UN’s staff of 44,000 people representing 193 Member States.   Working in multi-cultural teams will give you insight into how the international community works together on a professional level on a broad range of global issues.

7.   Gain Exposure and Network

Working at the UN will give you exposure to UN staff with expertise in many fields.  You will also have the opportunity to network on the job and at official meetings and events.

8.   Obtain Knowledge About International Affairs

The UN provides a platform for countries from around the world to convene, debate, resolve conflict, and formulate policies on matters affecting us all.  Working at the UN will give you an invaluable awareness of the various perspectives and factors at play when attempting to address global challenges.

9.   Learn About the UN From the Inside

The complex system of the UN is made up of six main organs, a series of affiliated bodies and programs, specialized agencies, and independent institutions.  What better way to learn about them all than to work there?

10.   Become a Part of One of the World’s Most Respected Organizations

For 68 years, the UN has been committed to maintaining international peace and security; developing friendly relations among nations; and promoting social progress, better living standards, and human rights.  As a successful candidate, you could become a member of the global team working on countless issues in every corner of the globe.



Roland F.
July 10, 2013
This is a good effort to fight unemployment globally, but it is discriminating against age. A man at 50 is still very active and be active than someone who is 25.
Amy S.
New York, USA
September 9, 2013
You also have to keep in mind that you need to write a compelling resume to increase your chances.


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