President Obama's Middle East Trip

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March 20, 2013
President Obama Waves as He Arrives Ben Gurion Airport Near Tel Aviv, Israel

This week, President Barack Obama is making the first trip of his second term; he will visit Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan March 20-23, 2013. The White House will be posting updates from the road and livestreaming several of the President's events on, including:

Wednesday, March 20 (2:05 PM ET) -- President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu hold a press conference at the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem;

Thursday, March 21 (11:00 AM ET) -- President Obama delivers a speech at the Jerusalem Convention Center; and

Friday, March 22 (11:45 AM ET) -- President Obama and King Abdullah II of Jordan hold a press conference in Amman, Jordan.

Go to to see the complete schedule of the President's trip, and follow @NSCPress and the hashtags #ObamaInIsrael, #ObamaInRamallah, and #ObamaInJordan on Twitter for updates. Watch Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes preview the trip and some of the issues the President would be discussing in his meetings.



March 21, 2013

Kavin A. in Turkey writes:

I think this trip develops the relationships between US and Israel. Thanks for the information.

New Mexico, USA
March 22, 2013

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Folks seem so caught up with the grievances of the present to deal with the grievences of the past. I hope they'll grab the bright pearl in the pile of dung that's within arm's reach into the mucky muck.

I think it's probably important for the people of the region to have a proper perspective on why it is the US gov and elected representitives of the American people, take it upon themselves to support people's inalienable rights to live in peace #1.

For it is in the intevention of madmen doing what they do on the world stage, failing to head diplomatic warning, and having their capability to make war permanently curtailed; does America give something back to humanity, for being able to do it, and because it generally saves more lives in the long run.

Besides, this nation and continent was peopled by folks looking to be free, so it isn't all about some "government policy" or another. We just naturally think dictators suck pond water, if one were to take a national poll of opinion.

If someone was driving their car down the sidewalk running people over, someone would stop and arrest the person, right?

"Law is logic"...and that applies to international law as well, sans politics.

I remember a certain Deputy Sec. of State who's team "stopped the car in time" when India and Pakistan were about to commit mutual nuclear suicide, call it a war for old time's sake, and add an attack on the Indian Parliment, for starters.

So there's some 300 million in the region potentially affected by Assad's WMD arsenal?

And you hope he listens to reason while he threatens to unleash them?

The young-UN in the DPRK is no different; he's just adopted Stalin's tactics in 32-33 starving 7 million in the Ukraine in a little over 1 year. The North Korean leadership is just doing it to their own people by attrition.

Thing is about dictators is that they box themselves into a corner they must inevitably make war to get out of...kind of like punching one's war out of paper bag, only to find that you are floating in a vacume watching all the air escape into space while your blood far as dictator's self destructive tendancies go.

You don't have to be a mind reader of madmen to understand thier nature..

What's far more more troubling is the sane people who can agree on nothing, even for the sake of everyone's future.

Thus sanity is debatable and that may be the only common understanding among them.

The international community deals with pirates together, why not mass murderers who hold on to leadership at the expense of their people's inalienable rights to live in peace?

And just what are we prepared to do about it, with allies or without?

I agree, it's better to go with a posse if you want to hunt dictators on the loose.

In some cases, you gotta do everything all at once to get a political/military regime such as Assad's "over with" as expeditiously as possible so the people can stand up and move on after you've leveled the playing field for them to determine their nation's destiny.

And to pre-empt any WMD use when the potential is there, and threats have been made to use them. It would be unwise to wait for them to be used and then try and react to that, too late for a lot of people.

And that's future history in the making as far as I can tell.


Joe V.
United States
March 22, 2013

J.V. in the U.S.A. writes:

I am a homeless veteran, I live in my car. I have 23 years chemical warfare. I have combat experience. I have no family and I lost my job and home. send me to Syria to fight and help with the rebels. I have a active passport and security clearance. I am so serious. this is not a game or ploy. I never kid!!! All I know is Army life. The biggest thing I did wrong was retire. I am 5'9 165lbs. in great shape. I am an expert in several weapons. I know how to blow things up also. I can drive anything. I love the action. I would have made the best spy, I grew up in an orphanage. and I have been on my own since I was 17. Do not make me wait. I will go with or w/o your help. I do not want my name released.

I need a few things. m40 cml mask. small, M4, glock, and a sat phone.

I can train the rebels how to fight and I will survey for chemical weapons. and destroy them. I have no one, I wont be missed. why not send a soldier to help them fight. I have no family and if I am caught, the US can leave me. I will die honorably.

United States
March 22, 2013

Henry in the U.S.A. writes:

I agree with Eric that the US should take action NOW to eliminate Israel's vast stockpiles of WMDs.

New Mexico, USA
March 23, 2013

Eric in New Mexico writes:

That's funny Henry, only one catch;...Israel isn't thretening to use WMD's on anyone..and with all the conflict the Israeli's have seen since they easrned statehood, I think if they ever intended to use WMD's , they probably would have by now.

So let's work to eliminate the WMD's in dictator's hands, and then maybe sane people in other governments will choose to eliminate their's.

Trust me, it will be a lot easier to make a WMD-free planet that way eventually.

mary s.
Florida, USA
March 23, 2013

Mary Anne S. in Florida writes:

We were very proud of our president this week in the middle east. Speeches were wonderful and seemed to be well received. We are always amazed at Pressident Obama's intelligence and willingness to listen to others. We are a lucky country to have such a fine representative of our country.

Rashid S.
March 24, 2013

Rashid S. in Bangladesh writes:

Sincerely wish and pray--let the mighty President of USA becomes the symbol of Peace, Prosperity & Tranquolity of the World....

March 25, 2013

Ervin K. in Israel writes:

Dear Secretary of State,

May I let you know, that there is a peace plan that can be implement immediately , which received the blessings of both PM I. Rabin and President Arafat in 1994, which is based on Political Condominium :

A United States of Israel and Palestine USIP, the integration of both nations on one mutual homeland, but with the seperation of two goverments .

visit for details: USIP

I have signed documents to confirm the accetance of the USIP, the mutual homeland but seperated governments as the permanent solution.

Ervin K. (Ph.D.)
professor of geography and geopolitics' and US National Academy of Sciences Senior Research Associate, and Active Member of the NYAS.

Jan F.
Virginia, USA
March 26, 2013

Jan F. in Virginia writes:

I would like to know the answer to this question: What is the red line for the Syrian rebels? They kidnapped UN peacekeepers for heavens sake, demanded a ransom, then lied like a rug about with the most embarrassing story. The rebels in Syria are fighting for an Islamic Syria. This revolution has been plotted for decades by the Muslim Brotherhood expats and Syrian Brotherhood underground. Areas under the rebels are already under Sharia. It's time to support the one guy that has made sense in the ME for the past 11 years: Bashar al Assad. I have an idea if we want to have democracy in Syria. How about we let them go ahead with the open elections already planned in 2014!


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