From the Ground in Syria: Delivering Flour to Aleppo

March 3, 2013
Worker Holds Freshly Milled Flour in Syria

Despite nearly two years of ongoing conflict in Syria, grain is being ground into flour, tested for moisture and protein content, and baked into sample loaves of bread. Flour that meets approval is bagged and loaded onto trucks bound for a distribution warehouse in Aleppo Governorate.

At the warehouse, each bag is accounted for as it is offloaded by workers. A community member, who helps oversee the warehouse, looks on, notepad in hand. He talks about how the flour can help ease the financial burden of the displaced Syrians who crowd almost all available living space in the neighborhood.

He notes that even subsidized flour costs more than most families can afford even in the best of times. The flour being offloaded today is donated by USAID and will allow bakeries -- identified in coordination with the Syrian Opposition Coalition's Assistance Coordination Unit -- to sell bread at reduced cost, while still making enough profit to pay workers and purchase additional supplies in local markets.

The warehouse manager also speaks of the overall economic benefit of the donated flour to businesses in the area. "It's not our objective to just give relief," he says, "We want to help the people work and make their own money."

The unloading of the flour concludes in the late afternoon. The delivery truck buttons up and heads away, while the workers hurry off to receive their day's wages. The gate to the distribution warehouse closes, but it will open again soon enough.

Another truck filled with USAID-donated flour will arrive, and the whole process will be played out again. USAID is providing enough flour to 50 bakeries in Aleppo Governorate to bake daily bread for approximately 210,000 people for the next five months.

The United States is providing nearly $385 million in humanitarian aid to help those affected by the crisis in Syria.

Editor's Note: This entry appeared first on the USAID Impact Blog. Visit the USAID website for more information about USAID's efforts in Syria.



March 6, 2013

Soch in India writes:

Good Post on "Dipnote". Is is vary nice to seen.

New Mexico, USA
March 5, 2013

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Rebecca,

Thanks for the post, it'll take a Marshall Plan to put Syria back together again after Assad falls. This program is but one small step in that direction, but an important one.

If you would please pass this suggestion onward and upward, I think it would be good if the Dept of State and USAID were to put out a call for public donations like you'all did during the tsunami in Japan and Sumatra in years past. This is an un-natural disaster, but the need is just as great.

Best Regards,


March 7, 2013

Rabea in Turkey writes:

I am a telecom and Electronic Engineer, I am Syrian and I'd like to thank you for what you doing for us. I am offering my help, it'd be a pleasure to work with you.

March 19, 2013

Andrey in Russia writes:

Hypocrisy! If the us did not help the bandits and terrorists who in spite of the will of the people trying to overthrow the legitimate government of President Bashar al-Assad, you don't have to go there flour. The United States violate international law interfering in the Affairs of sovereign States. Help enemies of independent States go to war, and when they die, thousands of peaceful citizens in the country all is destroyed help.

And all for the achievement of their interests. So it was in Yugoslavia, in Iraq, and Libya.

The U.S. off of the hand of Syria


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