Photo of the Week: Secretary Clinton Hosts a Global Town Hall

February 1, 2013
Secretary Clinton Holds a Global Town Hall at the Newseum in Washington, DC

Our "Photo of the Week" comes to us from the Secretary of State's official photographer, Michael Gross, and shows Secretary Clinton hosting the State Department's first-ever Global Town Hall at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. At the 80 minute-long event, Secretary Clinton took questions from live audiences on all seven continents, as well as social media from across the globe.

Yesterday, Secretary Clinton delivered remarks on American Leadership at the Council on Foreign Relations. The Secretary said, "Today, the world remains a dangerous and complicated place, and of course, we still face many difficult challenges. But a lot has changed in the last four years. Under President Obama's leadership, we've ended the war in Iraq, begun a transition in Afghanistan, and brought Usama bin Ladin to justice. We have also revitalized American diplomacy and strengthened our alliances. And while our economic recovery is not yet complete, we are heading in the right direction. In short, America today is stronger at home and more respected in the world. And our global leadership is on firmer footing than many predicted."

Secretary Clinton continued, "The things that make us who we are as a nation -- our openness and innovation, our diversity, our devotion to human rights and democracy -- are beautifully matched to the demands of this era and this interdependent world. So as we look to the next four years and beyond, we have to keep pushing forward on this agenda, consolidate our engagement in the Asia Pacific without taking our eyes off the Middle East and North Africa; keep working to curb the spread of deadly weapons, especially in Iran and North Korea; effectively manage the end of our combat mission in Afghanistan without losing focus on al-Qaida and its affiliates; pursue a far-ranging economic agenda that sweeps from Asia to Latin America to Europe."

In closing she said, "After four years in this job, traveling nearly a million miles and visiting 112 countries, my faith in our nation is even stronger, and my confidence in our future is as well. I know what it's like when that blue and white airplane emblazoned with the words 'United States of America' touches down in some far-off capital and I get to feel the great honor and responsibility it is to represent the world's indispensable nation. I'm confident that my successor and his successors and all who serve in the position that I've been so privileged to hold will continue to lead in this century just as we did in the last -- smartly, tirelessly, courageously -- to make the world more peaceful, more safe, more prosperous, more free. And for that, I am very grateful."

On Friday, February 1, Secretary Clinton will depart the State Department for the final time as Secretary of State and will deliver remarks to employees in the C Street Lobby. You can watch the Secretary's remarks on YouTube at approximately 2:30 p.m. EST.


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