The Power of Partnerships

Posted by Thomas Debass
January 16, 2013
Apps4Africa Participants at DEMO Africa Forum

On our final day of this multi-blog series on partnerships, I'd like to highlight other ways in which the Global Partnership Initiative helped advance a number of other meaningful partnership activities. These partnership "wins" include:

- Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations (LIONS@FRICA): In May, I helped launch the LIONS@FRICA partnership at the World Economic Forum on Africa along with key public and private sector partners to strengthen Africa's startup and innovation ecosystem, promote and facilitate new investments in Africa's technology entrepreneurs, and foster innovative business models.

- Mekong Technology Innovation Generation and Entrepreneurship Resources (TIGERS@Mekong): In November, the Secretary announced the launch of a new public-private platform supported by the Secretary's Office of the Global Partnership Initiative aimed at boosting competitiveness and growth in targeted Mekong economies by supporting young innovators and entrepreneurs. The partnership will officially launch in February 2013.

- The Global Equality Fund: In June, I launched a new partnership along with the mGive Foundation to promote the Global Equality Fund which supports human rights for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community through a mobile giving campaign.

- 2012 Enactus World Cup: In 2011, Secretary Clinton announced that we are partnering to co-host the Enactus (formerly known as SIFE) World Cup 2012 in Washington, D.C. I served as a judge at the event and hosted a celebratory dinner at the State Department for Enactus supporters. The Enactus World Cup is an opportunity for students around the world to present the results of their community outreach projects to a group of prestigious, international business leaders.

- Launch of Partnerships Training Module: GPI has developed a comprehensive partnership training module in partnership with the Foreign Service Institute that aims to streamline the partnership development for partnership builders around the globe.

As these examples illustrate, 2012 has been an extremely successful and productive year for partnerships throughout the State Department. As I reflect on our mutual accomplishments, I am impressed by the breadth and depth of our efforts, and energized by the possibilities that lay ahead for 2013 and beyond.



January 16, 2013

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