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December 27, 2012
Under Secretary Sonenshine and Acting Under Secretary Gottemoeller Pose for a Photo with TWIST

Think about it. Breaking the glass ceiling and advancing science go hand-in-hand. If we can get more women and girls - maybe half the world's population - studying science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), we have more chances to solve major global crises, from disease to arms control, from communications to health. Getting ahead on STEM is a challenge worth taking on.

Over coffee one day, we decided that we would do our part to address this challenge. The answer, we believed, was self evident: We need to recruit greater numbers of young people to enter the fields of STEM so that we can extend our budding talent pool. And we must reach out to the 50 percent of our population traditionally constrained from pursuing careers in science: women.

That is what motivated us to create two programs, both launched on December 19, dedicated to removing barriers to career advancement for women and encouraging young women to pursue the key disciplines of national security. The first is the “RT Girls! Program” - the letters referring to our respective Office designators. The program, designed to encourage girls in STEM and international security, was launched at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology in Virginia.

Before a student group called Tomorrow's Women in Science and Technology (TWIST), we related our educational and professional experiences, and shared our convictions: America needs the kind of innovation and skill sets that these young women are acquiring, to be more competitive in today's global economy. We will also need these skills to maintain our security. From working for global nuclear disarmament to fighting maritime piracy to cyber security, the future of international security is demanding - and the need for committed people imperative.

We also had the opportunity to hear students' accounts of their own STEM-related projects, ranging from rockets to neuroscience to climate change research.
The event at Thomas Jefferson was vibrant and productive, and we plan to expand our outreach beyond additional high schools in the area, nationally and internationally.

Recognizing the obstacles that women working in these fields face, we also launched the “RT Women's Lecture Series” - a series of quarterly events engaging women in public diplomacy and international affairs, focused on removing professional barriers in information, technology, arms control, and science sectors. The first lecture - “Cracking the Code: Breaking Down Barriers to Advancement and Promotion for Women” - featured Meg Gottemoeller, Executive Director of Member Engagement and Human Capital at the Conference Board.

Attendees included women and men working in hard security fields, think tanks, on Capitol Hill, and Embassy Row. The roundtable discussion was lively and the questions posed to the group by the speaker were not easily answered. Nevertheless, the group came away charged to build on past successes to help women to advance, adding critical value to these important fields.



December 31, 2012

Isabel in Liberia writes:

Will the women's lecture series be posted online? Will there be a way to steam/view/read transcripts of these lectures? To really reach out to women and girls, even those who can't be there in person.

South Korea
January 1, 2013

Palgye in South Korea writes:

India, i read this article.

Dating a man in love with a friend of one turned into a nightmare at the moment.

Indian female college students in the past 16 days and nights, the Indian capital, New Delhi city shopping center, watched a movie with her boyfriend behind to go home I got on the bus. The six men, including the bus driver was riding on the bus at the time boyfriend Let's go beat the bus and had a coed gang rape. They beat rebellious female college students in the lungs, abdomen, head and seriously wounded.

They also undermined the rape when the iron rod inside the body, the New York Times (NYT) reported on the 28th. Three times in a local hospital after undergoing surgery for women were raped and then thrown out of the bus was taken to the Singapore General Hospital on the 26th, the morning of the 29th, lost their lives. This woman was two months ahead of the marriage as a medical student, majoring in physical therapy. Body makeup had been carried on a plane provided by the government was moved to New Delhi after the BBC reported 30.

Massive demonstration marched from New Delhi and Mumbai, thousands of angry Indians holding this news NYT on July 29, said. The demonstrators claimed the sex crimes for the government to reform the judicial system and the strong response of the Neha Sharma delridae student who participated in the protests (24) "The solution is to reform the judicial system, rather than sentenced to death," said, "Meanwhile, the government and the police did not do anything," he said. This case the perpetrator six people on suspicion of murder accused, if convicted, would be put to death, police said.

30 in New Delhi from the city center, the protests took place. Peaceful demonstrations were in progress 1 o'clock in the afternoon, some protesters tried to break the police barricades, while violent protests broke out. The police to quell the protests, demonstrators have arrested five people in the Times of India, 30, said.

Social problems in India whenever once protests largely spread quickly whilst JUNO. Climbing out, but exploded this case the meantime, who have neglected the issue of sex crimes for the government in the wake of complaints over a week, the protests have led the NYT said. Social media news and demonstrations of Female University Students spread the news in real time through the damage that has facilitated the spread of protests.

India's children and 10 and women against sexual crimes are happening on a daily basis, that the NYT said. 24,000 rape cases reported last year was six years ago, a 25% increase in cases. Called the "rape capital of the capital, New Delhi, the rape number of the last year reported 10,560 more than Washington Post (WP) said. Social organizations has been estimated that unreported incidents are much more

Government established a special investigation committee headed by a retired Supreme Court Justice that current measures to increase the best weapon imprisonment sentence to death is expected to take appropriate measures.

These sex crimes in India continues to increase, the cause of the ordinary people ignoring police operations and inefficient judicial system, analysts say. New Delhi police, about 84,000 people are police who are responsible for policing only the third of these, the rest of the factors (VIP) that WP guard said.

Another problem is much lower than other Asian countries, the percentage of women police. Man police sex crime victims, according to research easier than women to the police to report a crime. But New Delhi is only 7% of women police.

Actively sexual assault, police investigation without. 18-year-old woman last month living in India's northern Punjab were raped and then killed herself in the past 26 days. Case delay the receipt of the police and the arrest of suspects who committed suicide neglect "the victim's family and relatives, he said.

In addition, the judicial system, the poor, and more backward than China (100 per 100,000 population Judge 159) National 100 per 100,000 Judge've got 15 dwaedo convicted rapists prosecuted ratio of only 26% of that which is not the problem has been mentioned .

Low social awareness about women. Year, UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), the Indian men and women 15 to 19 years, a survey, according to the question: 'wife assault jeongdanghanga men 57%, women 53% answered "yes". In a survey conducted in 1996, 68% of India Judge rape cause because the provocative attire of women.

Stella H.
January 6, 2013

Stella Swe Swe H. in Burma writes:

I'm very interested in empowering women, especially youth girls for I've been running Empowerment projects, with youth girls, for six years. Now let me firstly learn from your team now as I'm under load by participating our country, Burma's Reforming Program.As soon as I've a little more time, I'm very happy to share my ideas and experience to you all. Thanks for giving me opportunity to observe and learn your team.

South Africa
January 17, 2013

Suzanne in South Africa writes:

Very inspiring blogg and I just love what u guys are doing u are awesome bigg up to u.


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