Putting Our Best Global Foot Forward To Empower Women

Posted by Chris Miner
November 16, 2012

This week, in more than 18 countries around the world, women will come together with a broad coalition of supporters in their communities to participate in the Vital Voices Mentoring Walks, a global effort to raise awareness on the positive power of mentorship.

Since 2006, the State Department and FORTUNE have teamed up with Vital Voices to build on our annual Global Mentorship Partnership to expand the network of women -- and men -- who use mentorship to empower others. In fact, the mentoring walks started when founder and former CEO of Oxygen Media Geraldine Layborne's schedule didn't allow her to meet with the scores of young women who sought her advice. Instead of rejecting meeting requests, she opened her morning walks each day in New York City as a gateway for her to connect with these young women. Today, these walks have spread across the United States and throughout the world.

As Secretary Clinton said, "There are women and girls in our country and around the world, who have the talent, the intellect, the drive to succeed, but who lack the support." The State Department/Fortune Global Women's Mentoring Partnership seeks to provide the support to springboard women leaders into action as they pursue their dreams. You can learn about this thriving partnership in the video.

Now, with close to 200 women alumnae of our Global Mentorship Partnership, we have expanded that reach to every region of the world. This week, Mentoring Walks will take place in Argentina, China, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, India, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Panama, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, Tunisia, and Uganda.

From small towns to thriving metropolises, these Mentoring Walks serve as a reminder that through mentorship we can spark the next new idea, empower a young girl, or inspire the next generation of global leaders.

Join the conversation on Twitter and share how mentorship has impacted you. Use the hashtags #MentoringWalk and #VVLead and let us hear your story.



November 16, 2012

Palgye writes:

I will send this contents to information@kunaicho.go.jp
-lessen risk, up profit by making bigger pie
and if Will come true, i want introduce some South-Korea corporations.

"Actively welcome for the expansion of Japan in India's infrastructure investment.
I went today in Korea, Japan Council, I have learned a little about the history of Japan's investment in India. The attitude of the staff ...?

However, we personally think that you need to change a little bit of time looking at India. Simply attempts, while India's political, economic and social and cultural change, investment, constantly accompanied by a growth in India and a systematic approach is required, and these attempts were successful, at least about 10 years, India is our good friends that I was going to be, I expect. At least economically ....

India, economic growth, but still the poorest and the majority of the population, they should attempt to rise into the middle class hierarchies, personally I think. To provide 1.2 billion people, India's potential, so that the current consumption, we'll provide a positive influence to. Social unity through the integration of language and religion, of course, be resolved, while disproportionate gap between induction.
In addition, many of these issues, but you more aware and personally think that, while I'll hide my ignorance.

In order to lead to a change of the India, our beloved political leaders or people with strong leadership and good understanding of the situation in India, the emergence of political forces, should induce Japan to benefit long-term would be provided, I expect.
Me this idea, this was posted on the blog of the White House and the State Department, but the odds of 1/10000000, when the induced changes,
Japan's active participation and support is required.

Impertinence, my personal thoughts, send e-mail to Japan's imperial

Rude my behavior, hope you forgive me"

Dear to Sec, plz, read my words, easily want, rainning and some woman deny my proposal. i want exile easily.
if i will working at The White House
i will be interesting in CHina Pinformation@kunaicho.go.jpresident Xi`s problem. i`m want never occur problem to President Xi but........
not come true, i will do for President Xi but i want working at The White House.

Daria M.
November 16, 2012

Daria M. in Poland writes:

We are so happy we organize GMW in Poland, Warsaw. There would be 23 couples: mentors - mentees this year. I hope the weather would be good (it is nearly winter in Poland). We keep the fingers crossed for other Flag Bearers.

andrea b.
November 19, 2012

Andrea B. in Serbia writes:

Serbia walked again. About 100 women walked in Belgrade yesterday. We spent time in great atmosphere ready to start again with 20 couples:) We are thrilled to feel togetherness with 17 other countries around the Globe.

November 19, 2012

Palgye writes:

Japan and North-Korea met in Mongolia

If, to me, i think in this thinking is mad but i and SKorean want meet NKorea
Not China Not Japan also USA
SKorea will be meet NKorea than other countries.

Japan? Japan have so much money but....

Thank You.


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