As New York Recovers, the Work of the U.S. Mission to the United Nations Continues

Posted by Alex McPhillips
November 1, 2012
New York City on October 31, 2012

As New York-based UN diplomats and humanitarians well know, natural disasters wreak havoc every day without regard to national borders or the global clock. In the same way, challenges that confront populations in conflict zones and weak states do not wait, even when UN-based efforts to address them are headquartered in the path of a deadly hurricane.

On October 31, two days after Hurricane Sandy socked the New York metropolitan area with gale-force winds, flooding, and unprecedented damage to the city's power and transportation infrastructure, many in the U.S. Mission family lacked power, heating, and hot water. Some lost property to the storm's surging waters. Yet the U.S. Mission to the United Nations was already back online, UN Security Council diplomats were meeting in a temporary room to renew the African Union mission in Somalia, and the world's diplomats were back at work on some of the world's most pressing challenges.

They would not have been able to do so without the help of U.S. federal, state, and local governments engaged in disaster relief -- particularly the City of New York, whose partnership with the United Nations has served Americans and people around the world for nearly seven decades. Two weeks ago, addressing Mayor Bloomberg, city employees and members of the diplomatic community, Ambassador Rice said that "the United States is incredibly proud to be the host nation to the UN, but we can only do so because New York is the host city to us all."

For more information on how you can help the survivors of Hurricane Sandy, visit the White House Blog and FEMA's guide to volunteering and donating responsibly. For more on U.S. efforts at the United Nations, follow Ambassador Rice (Twitter and Facebook), the U.S. Mission (Twitter and Facebook) and visit our website.



Sarah P.
Oklahoma, USA
November 2, 2012

Sarah P. in Oklahoma writes:

Ms. Clinton,

You have been an inspiration to women and men across the world. Your expertise in international affairs is legendary. I would like to nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize (not that they will ask me). Additionally, I would love for you to reconsider remaining on as the Secretary of State for Obama's second administration, should he win the presidental election.


Helene J.
November 5, 2012

Helene J. in France writes:

I went to New-York last May, I love this City.

I find it all very sad for all the regions that have been affected. Yhere are casualties, and also the huge cost for everything back in place as before.

The Americans are for me to warm friends.

I wish all great courage. Helene.


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