Butterfly Strokes and Bilateral Relationships: U.S. Swimmers Prepare for Moscow

Posted by Ann Stock
July 20, 2012
Swimmers in Russia

With the London Olympics beginning later this month, international sports are on everyone's mind. This week, though, the spotlight shines on 20 young Americans who are in Moscow for an exciting two-week swimming exchange program. During their time in Russia's capital, the swimmers will mix intensive athletic training with city tours and cultural immersion programs -- all alongside their Russian peers.

This exchange is just the latest in a series of sports programs that fall under the Bilateral Presidential Commission. We welcomed Russian swimmers to the United States in 2010. We have also run programs with basketball, ice hockey, and volleyball players. In fact, a group of Russian beach volleyball players are currently in training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in southern California.

Programs like these help cement the connections between Americans and Russians. Lap by lap, we're building a stronger relationship between our two countries -- in and out of the pool!



Barbara M.
Florida, USA
July 20, 2012

Barbara M. in Florida writes:

Like it

South Korea
July 24, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Russia's economic cooperation with China, the stock market I think is a good news to share. To do so, Extend financial assistance to Russia should think. The result, is difficult to predict, but the way we want to expand the economies of scale - the expansion of domestic demand in the northeastern part of China and the Russian advance in Eastern Europe is expected. Burden of the animation - but you should try to think (China's manufacturing industry in Russia and meet the basic science ...) Expansion of infrastructure investments in India, the Asian companies need help with inventory reduction, and this news, while, in the stock market in the United States and Europe must think of the warmth provided.

PS South Korea's soccer team, will participate in the Olympic Games in London. Mexico and is expected to be the first game. Korea soccer team in Mexico, if I win the second tournament, eight teams to compete, how to participate, I will be asking you.


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