Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton at the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue

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May 3, 2012

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Today, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner joined their Chinese co-chairs, Vice Premier Wang Qishan and State Councilor Dai Bingguo, for the fourth joint meeting of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED). Secretary Clinton said, "Our relationship has grown closer and more consequential, and the web of connections that link our nations is increasing."

She continued, "As a result, this dialogue is even more necessary today than it was when it began, and the eyes of the world are once again upon us. The Chinese people and the American people looking for us to work together for their benefit, and the international community looking to us to work together for the world's benefit; in today's world, no global player can afford to treat geopolitics as a zero-sum game, so we are working to build a relationship that allows both of our countries to flourish without unhealthy competition or conflict, while at the same time meeting our responsibilities to our people and to the international community."

Secretary Clinton also welcomed five new U.S.-China EcoPartnerships during a signing ceremony today. Secretary Clinton said, "...This illustrates once again that the United States and China can and will work together in new ways and through many channels to address our common challenges on energy and the environment, two issues that transcend politics that we live with every single day in our homes, our businesses, and our communities."

During the signing ceremony for the EcoPartnerships, Secretary Clinton welcomed China's decision to join the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a public-private partnership that seeks to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and combat climate change by creating a thriving global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions. By joining the Alliance, China will help meet the Alliance's goal to ensure 100 million homes adopt clean and efficient stoves and fuels by 2020.

While concluding her remarks at today's U.S.-China S&ED opening session, Secretary Clinton said, "I think it's fair to say China and the United States cannot solve all the problems of the world, but without our cooperation, it is doubtful any problem can be solved. And so we are working as we go forward with our dialogue, seeking opportunities for engagement, building ties that are not only between governments but family, friends, entrepreneurs, students, scholars, artists, and so much else."

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South Korea
May 4, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Chen Guangcheng --

Positive for Chen Guangcheng If you did not attempt to solve, for economic cooperation with China, the results of the talks, types, and derive results only as a courtesy, Sec on the ability of the Chinese people have spent a little thought to the negative attention.
Chinese and Western people think very different way of thinking ....

rather than System and the rule of law, one person to follow the leader without any conditions - on the basis of human relationships in the system,

Derogatory action if there is an appropriate response, perhaps ....

Beneficial to China, or select a judgment in favor of the United States reserves, and to prevent recurrence of this situation to find a way to think.

(France's political position and Afghans, to revive the old state is considered a good solution.)

Philippines, I do not know about the Philippines .....

Southeast Asian countries, China's most powerful influence on the economy and the country, for this reason, large-scale protests of the people of the Philippines, I think the reason is to raise.

If, ADB borrowed money from, when implement policies to develop the economy, this vicious circle is maintained - perhaps, from the development of financial conglomerates and how to choose, while the exploitation of foreign capital inflows are thought to be: -

Former dictator's assets in the Philippines have been performed with the policy of reduction, I saw news.

In this way, established by the dictatorship and corruption of wealth back to society sikyeoseo,

Low-income residential environment improvement and large-scale civil engineering projects (infrastructure), through the creation of jobs and the middle class to implement policies that contribute to, but what do you say? some property, reducing the concept of community feedback sikyeoseo, the Philippines and the hostile feelings of the natives sikyeoseo refrain from provocative actions, I think is to find a way to coexist.

The economic stimulus package just for the Philippines, is considered critical. As always, if successful businessman, and scammers are fail.

The latter is likely to be suspect.

If successful, China 's economy is more likely to be suspect. In the field of military cooperation with the United States, but ...

Loan from the beginning, rather than the inside to remove the dark parts of the past, while causing internal unity by enforcing policy, loan providing agencies such as ADB believes that the need to reduce the burden. In this situation, you may choose any way, expect to get the same results.

The Philippines has a poor economic base, military confrontation with China, the defeat, but, with the support of the U.S. financial industry conglomerates and the Philippines have developed ten thousand and two, China's economy is thought to be included in the area. China's economy, including areas not to oppose the Philippines. Good results are expected. Youngtobunjaengman to disappear .... But, you think they are looking for alternatives.


You already feel that experience. While supporting a dictator, to maintain hegemony in Southeast Asia, unconditional support to fail,

In addition,

In order to regain, through many operations, results obtained .....

Do not like this woman.

For South Korea, without any experience in performing the role, just only for political calculation, only for the benefit of specific groups, all of the people as a way to avoid the burden, to think that seduce us.

South Korea
May 4, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Chen Guangcheng-

(try to refrain from this story, but i want to, for a construction contract in Dubai to go,

trying flatterto President or the Secretary

that should tell you my thinking,

I think.

Read? If you do not like it and ... ever.)

The commotion, and my judgment,

American (Sec) and interferes with China's economic cooperation and, through a visit to China to get others to benefit, an attempt to steal, I think. China also weaken the influence of a Sec ...

If, Chen Guangcheng to the United States, the Sec attempt if you want to take,

As the talks ended without economic performance and near Sec Chinese politicians to look at the damage, the worst case, Chen Guangcheng in the United States was forced to declare by the possibility of political choice (in the worst case is a ...?) ...

Most of the Chinese people, I traveled until 2011, human rights and religion more and more interested in money than the success and think. Jasmine, like revolution, social reform within the voluntary collective action to occur, which require at least 5-7 years to think of a time-consuming. But, the Chinese also know the falsehood of forward, but only for personal career, the rights of others to ignore the Chicken game, accepting it without any filtration, the current situation of human rights, rather than in China's social system and the law enforcement process How to grow to the level of developed countries choose to believe. Concern for human rights continue to be, but with the Chinese people to accept a difficult subject, containment of China, rather, the Chinese people on the West to sustain banbalman to expect.

I'd like to travel back to China, Chinese people like to travel with acceptable topics. Of the Chinese way of life, an attitude of respect for them, would be a positive change in the direction expected.

Containment over Tibet and human rights -- leaf falls in, in the event of flooding, I will flow again ....

May 4, 2012

W.W. writes:

We must have a new Bretton Woods, building a new international financial architecture for the years ahead with One world leader

... just kidding...

May 11, 2012

Gaonet in Hong Kong writes:

It is exactly 70 years since of our brave soldiers sacrificed so greatly in Corregidor and Bataan. Thousands perished for our freedom. Why are we standing idly by, officially neutral, while China claims the entire South China Sea and bullies our great ally the Philippines? I guess we can beat up Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, but we are afraid to even confront China and tell them point blank they are wrong on their territorial claims. Why spend $800B yearly on defense if we are afraid to tackle the tough issues?


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