Promoting Service and Strategic Priorities in Madrid

Posted by Ann Stock
April 6, 2012

Last week, I visited Spain's beautiful capital city, meeting with the Department of State's partners in culture, education, and civil service. The U.S. Embassy in Madrid has been an innovative public diplomacy presence abroad, and it was exciting to see the staff's fine work firsthand.

My first stop was Embassy Madrid's first-ever Service Innovation Summit. With help from the Rafael del Pino Foundation, the Meridian International Center and passionate leadership from Ambassador Solmont, the embassy gathered non-profit, business, and government leaders from across the United States and Europe to foster greater civil society in the 21st century.

At the Summit's opening ceremony, I had the honor of introducing Secretary Clinton, who appeared via video. She noted the importance of individual community service as well as global responsibility and thanked attendees for their dedication.

While in Madrid, I also met with Alberto Lopez, the new executive director of the U.S.-Spain Fulbright Commission and enjoyed presentations from several of our Spanish Fulbright alumni and U.S. Fulbrighters currently in Spain. The Fulbright students and scholars discussed areas of study ranging from cancer research to journalism and anthropology. The U.S. Fulbright English Teaching Assistants' stories from their classrooms where they are assisting in Spain were especially moving, and they inspired a lively discussion about student exchange with the local EducationUSA advisor.

All in all, it was a great week, filled with opportunities to highlight everything that ECA and the State Department do to support people-to-people engagement around the world.

¡Estoy deseando regresar a España en el futuro!



South Korea
April 7, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Italy Greece (southern Europe and northern Africa countries)-Spain and Portugal.

My opinion on the European water-fall, gave rescue burned to death, and now we've stole fire and water, the creation, is the responsibility of us, everything we think is responsible for the attitude. Once you have left, perhaps, about 4-6 percent of the population of Europe hunger or (intentional) act of social deviance such as the war is gone, going, of course, fall into the current ruling party and the opposition - Italy?

And, do not manipulate the economy. Is not no way to prevent bad results (like manipulating people, and leave work around their needs, have not solving that, I think.)

National bankruptcy, I think the situation is difficult to occur. So, Enjoy the weekend. For answers to see if their idea .... However, the economic recovery is delayed, political and economic map of Europe is changing, your presidential election, even more difficult to think ahead like a tsunami.

A few days ago, I for southern Europe and northern Africa, in order to revive the economy, Italy has the story should play a leading role.

However, the Italy is rich in economic capacity, or a strong national leadership, not

- Now, the people of Greece for the murderous attempts to tighten monetary policy. Whether adequate measures, will the story is history.

However, the Southern European countries have in common, corruption of officials, most of them I think that generosity.

So, the point for southern Europe and northern Africa, your attitude,

Then too advanced and too rational, southern European countries accept economic stimulus plan is too difficult to accept because I think logically.

Therefore, countries with similar circumstances to the appropriate level of their responsibility to tighten monetary policy,

We relaxed on the weekend watching tv is a good way to think.

When the economy recovers, their higher level of national consciousness,

PS Spain and Portugal, for my opinion, I do not know. Perhaps, These people think they know how to solve.

My opinion, Spain and Portugal, the Would you like to be responsible if it fails?


Head with a gun that shoots a resolution last basis.

If that fails, at least one percent of the population of Spain and Portugal are thought to die.

Linked where a question.

South Korea
April 11, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Indian and Pakistan,
Spain and Portugal.

Indian and Pakistan economies that form the same to the peace geoteneun absolutely agree, but this combination of the two countries will bring a positive influence on the economy that is absolutely in having absolutely do not agree.

Good effect, but, I do not know. Afghans in Pakistan and India's economies into a tie there, another is a difficult situation, the possibility of bombing disappear, except for You're going on there, would he like to vote. Slaughtered a cow ....

India, China and Russia should cooperate with the story, you absolutely impossible .... yiyagihalgeogo

India, Indochina and the grouping of the countries believe that the economy should develop. Including Thailand, this combination of Afghans in Pakistan and will bring a positive influence that is absolutely, personally, I had been a long time. China and many trade and eventually you'll keep. Even if I shut .....

Korea is now at the end of Sunday will begin Monday.

For Spain and Portugal .... my opinion (to reassure investors that the policy approach I think. The credibility of the recovery of money is).

I do not know. Did you arrive in Korea, good feedback?

My opinion, as opposed to the case of India.

Spain and Portugal into one of the country - to maintain economic integration, perhaps, until I die, culture and national sentiment Milanovic think that this integration - Europe again until recovery,

Be issued as Treasury bonds, and economic recovery policies, the two countries to try to complement what about policy?

Spain and Portugal, as the economic situation is always to move, Portugal and Spain, causing a lot of problems that are managed separately, the economic situation is supposed to make it more difficult (also the President and the Prime Minister on this occasion, even Sleeping with the Enemy? If you do not like it I'll give up.)

No money, you need to rescue the country is often. Political rather than money, first to restore confidence to investors, the absolute need to show how, two countries trust each other that way, how to fill in gaps to try to think.

Spain and Portugal is considered possible. For Spain and Portugal,

Approach to each case, the balloon effect wigiman like to think that transition.

Gently talk to investors, but what do you say that?

A lot of potential victims, but at least budona European countries is likely to adversely affect juleodeulgeo think.

Is difficult for many people expected, but even worse, while talking about the possibility to be persuaded to believe.

South Korea
April 9, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Spain and Portugal

Investors to recover funds for Spain and Portugal looks uneasy. Economies of scale by forming it, and encourage the faith of investors, with the advantages of each country, collecting policy to delete unwanted parts, until the economic recovery in Europe, think that should be used temporarily.

I never like IMF international financial institution or directly by the state and help to infinity, the opposite. To help it succeed, even if the economy as a whole is 100% likely to become difficult, if it fails, all 100% likely to go bankrupt, I think. Between one or two days ....

Spain and Portugal, countries with a synergy beginning to collect benefits, the time to appeal to investors, I think.

The possibility of wrong, but believe that we must try. If successful, the minimum capital of Spain and Portugal as media reports about the crisis of the suspect is most likely to disappear.

power policy?

South Korea
April 11, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

"An increase in unemployment in the United States and an increasing number of people have abandoned employment - is can manipulating, i think by investor"

An increase in unemployment in the United States and an increasing number of people have abandoned employment, leads to stagnation of the stock market yesterday to watch the news that - the title is longer.
The answer is very short,,,,

Europe's crisis, I think the exact crisis - Spain and Portugal to investors of the economic crisis does not provide certainty for investment that is considered the most likely cause. The decline in global equity markets ....

China, Japan, Brazil's economy is feeling a better, even if difficult issues are resolved, I think. I think the situation,

The bottom line is, the economy of Spain and Portugal as an idea of ​​the economy, and create policies that highlight the benefits, the amount of investment to investors again to return to their wallet should provide confidence that think.

Spain and Portugal now offer policies that provide the economic crisis, about one hour to impress investors, policy, I think. Repay debt, but the economy keeps retreating to introduce a policy attitude, anxiety suspect is likely to aggravate further.

"The U.S. unemployment and employed a number of bit operations can be, I think. Spain and Portugal, even for both small to lie believes that the two countries have already national bankruptcy, I think. However, bankruptcy and admit Tomorrow, we panic in the stock market with live see the situation through good chance to think. "

Winter 2011 by manipulating oil prices, those who made the illegal sanctions should be funded, but Please, Spain and Portugal must provide the last chance to think. I am not a philanthropist. For all of us think that should help.

Adam O.
United Kingdom
April 18, 2012

Adam O. in the United Kingdom writes:

It's excellent to read about the efforts of embassies in embracing other cultures throughout the world.

As globalisation continues it's steady pace more and more of us are having to embrace different cultures in our own countries and the good work of embassies and other government bodies in helping us understand and respect each others differences is the right path to harmony amongst different religions, cultures and races.

It's well known that a lack of understanding or knowledge of a different culture or race can lead to tensions born from fear of the unknown.

Spain is both culturally rich and diverse and the people are some of the most warm and passionate to be found on the Med.


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