South Korea Hosts 2012 Nuclear Security Summit

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March 27, 2012
Nuclear Security Summit 2012 in Seoul

Today, the Republic of Korea hosted more than 50 world leaders for the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul. During the opening plenary session, President Barack Obama said:

"...This gathering is a tribute to the nations that contribute to security and peace that's playing a leading role around the globe and that's taking its rightful place on the world stage. When I hosted the first Nuclear Security Summit two years ago in Washington, there were those who questioned whether our nations could summon the will to confront one of the gravest dangers of our time. In part because it involves a lot of technical issues, in part because the world was still grappling with a whole host of other issues like the economy and the global recession, there was some skepticism that we would be able to sustain an effort around this topic. But that's exactly what we've done.

"We've agreed that nuclear terrorism is one of the most urgent and serious threats to global security. We agreed to the goal of securing the world's nuclear materials in four years. We committed ourselves to specific and concrete actions. And to get this done, we agreed a new effort of sustained and effective international cooperation was required, that we would need to create an architecture in which we could share best practices, help to enforce many of the commitments that we had already made, and continue to improve every aspect of this issue.

"Over the past two years, the questions have been different -- would we back up our words with deeds; would we sustain our cooperation. Today, here in Seoul, we can answer with a resounding yes. We are fulfilling the commitments we made in Washington. We are improving security at our nuclear facilities. We are forging new partnerships. We are removing nuclear materials, and in some cases, getting rid of these materials entirely. And as a result, more of the world's nuclear materials will never fall into the hands of terrorists who would gladly use them against us."

As a tangible step in the progress President Obama outlined, the United States announced today the removal of over 280 pounds of highly enriched uranium (HEU) from two remaining sites in Ukraine. The shipments were completed as part of a joint effort with Ukraine and fulfill the commitments made by Presidents Obama and Yanukovych at the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit to remove all of Ukraine's HEU by the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit. In a speech in Prague in April 2009, President Obama called for an international effort to secure all vulnerable nuclear material around the world within four years. Shipments like these recently completed from Ukraine result in permanent threat reduction because they eliminate weapons-usable nuclear material at civilian sites. Financial support to help implement the removal operations with Ukraine was provided by the United Kingdom as part of a cost-sharing approach.

The Nuclear Security Summit was designed to energize, enhance, empower and elevate the many existing multilateral, cooperative institutions and structures aimed at securing nuclear materials and preventing nuclear smuggling. You can read more about the summit here.

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New Mexico, USA
March 28, 2012

Eric in New Mexico writes:

"The perpetual saga of nuclear giants and ethical infants"- Ode #462;

When General Omar Bradley coined the phrase, adding in context to the duality, "we know more about killing than we do about living", humanity hadn't reached the point yet of having the capability to exterminate the species.

It only took folks a decade of being quite knowlegable about killing to get to this point.

Today, having survived as long as we have with MAD as the status quo, it can be rightly said that humanity has learned a thing or two about living, because the alternative really, really sucks pond water.

And I doubt if folks want to bottle that and pin their economic hopes that this will be the newest "Perrier" , sparkling polish politically, and spin for all the world so stare in awe of.

Makes one wonder where have all the "Nuke 'em!"'s gone?

We could of course tell the North Koreans that "it's OK" for them to launch a satellite into orbit, and the US would cheer them on if only they would duck-tape the "Jung-un" to it first before launching.

( I'm not a rocket scientist, so I'm not sure if they'd need to design a bigger ICBM to launch all that extra flatulance with)

And right about now if I were in the President's shoes, I'd be asking Russia's President, "Dimitry my good fellow, could it be that you object to missile defense because you folks are still toying with the idea of nuking all of Europe someday?""You do know where that will get you right?"

As the immediate follow-up the look of a deer caught in the response to the first.

Old habits die hard.

And how is it that any nation can rightly object in claiming other nations intervening in Libya went above and beyond the UNSC mandate when everyone agreed that "all neccessary measures" were required to stop Ghaddafi from making war upon his people?

If the world is truly concerned with limiting the numbers of WMD's on this planet, then good folks should simply reduce the numbers of ethical infants living on it.

Without delay, or a whole lot of quibbling about it.

If Dimitry Medvedev has a grain of foresight, he'd be calling for Assad to safeguard his chemical and biological WMD's with the Russian gov. and arrange for all of them to be transported out of Syria immediately. And repo all their tanks and artillery while they're at it.

Or simply remove Assad from power themselves, using all neccessary measures to safeguard the peace of nations in the process.

Time for the whiners of the world to step up to the plate and take responsibility for what happens next on planet Earth.

Humanity has been for far too long, an endangered species.

Gotta have more than "hope" to preserve it.


March 28, 2012

John in Canada writes:

Who are the so called terrorists? Most are backed by one nation or another – its clear that OBL had state backing – very probably beyond Pakistan.

Was not Israel recently fingered in supporting terrorists for use against Iran while pretending to be CIA?

So who are these faceless terrorists that we should fear or better yet, which state governments are using them?

The taliban must get guns and ammo from somewhere – so too Al shebab – this stuff does not grow on trees. Who supplies them for an 11 year war – I could only guess if someone wasn't actively supplying them – they would have run out of ammo 5 years ago. SO which state or states arm these groups?

All conflict and the weapons used in those conflicts come from various member states in the UN. Most sit on the security council (how ironic)

The same nations worried about threats are the same nations that make, develop and sell the very things we are all to be afraid of – talk about irresponsible and disingenuous. Its no wonder many are viewing the UN in a poor light.

A bit ridiculous to complain about conflict, danger and fear associated with what many states actively produce and sell – even today – despite agreements.

So, if so called terrorists or proxy armies are supported by states that have nukes - how successful will this anti nuclear push be, beyond making a few people feel good?

At the end of the day - one group fears another group(usually because of BS) – each will do anything because of that lowliest of human qualities – fear. (or a desire for money)

If some people would not only “remember” but “live by” the “Golden rule” - a lot of nonsense would be avoided.

March 29, 2012

W.W. writes:

a decision must be taken

South Korea
March 29, 2012

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Ever, North Korea's missile launch, parliamentary elections in South Korea to support the ruling, international cooperation is?

In the Republic of Korea, the election to be conducted normally look forward to.


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