Pursuing the “Americas Dream”

Posted by Carmen Lomellin
March 12, 2012
Sixth Summit of the Americas Graphic

The Sixth Summit of the Americas is about achieving a dream for the Americas. Through successful partnerships, we will address key challenges facing the people of the Americas -- from energy and citizen security to more inclusive economic growth -- while also advancing core U.S. interests, both in the region and beyond.

What is the Summit of the Americas? The Summit of the Americas is a forum that brings together all 34 democratically elected heads of state in the Western Hemisphere to reinforce bonds of collaboration and to discuss coordinated multilateral responses. President Clinton launched the Summit of the Americas in Miami in 1994. The Sixth Summit will take place in Cartagena, Colombia, this April.

Colombia's theme for the Sixth Summit, "Connecting the Americas: Partners for Prosperity," reinforces the spirit of mutual partnership the Obama administration introduced in 2009 at the 5th Summit in Trinidad and Tobago. As we prepare for the upcoming Summit, we reflect on the progress made since 2009 and concentrate our efforts on building 21st century partnerships to address the basic needs of all Americans.

Through the Summit of the Americas process, we have a renewed focus on our international economic obligations in the region. Growth and competitiveness depend on a lot more than trade agreements. They hinge on the quality of our investment in human capital and our ability to equip citizens to be successful in the global workforce. For economic growth -- and democracy -- to be sustainable, governments must deliver equal benefits to historically marginalized groups, including women, rural populations, and indigenous peoples. These are some of the key challenges that we will focus on at the Sixth Summit.

I recently sat down with fellows and interns from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institutes to discuss the Sixth Summit of the Americas and what it means for ordinary citizens. The Summit, the initiatives proposed during the event, and the collaboration between the countries of our hemisphere that takes place afterward will mean increased prospects in areas like educational exchanges and commerce, as well as access to clean and consistent energy, economic opportunity, and security.

We look forward to gathering with the democratically elected leaders of our Hemisphere in the Sixth Summit of the Americas to chart the path for productive cooperation and the development of opportunity for all citizens of the Americas. The President will call on our partners to make tangible commitments to greater social inclusion as a cross-cutting component of all development efforts and turn the "American Dream" into a shared dream, accessible to citizens throughout the Americas.

Editor's Note: You can view the White House Fact Sheet here.



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