Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Visits Mexico

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February 21, 2012
Secretary Clinton Steps Off Plane in Los Cabos, Mexico
Secretary Clinton Attends the G20 Foreign Ministers Summit
Secretary Clinton and Mexican Foreign Secretary Espinosa at Dinner
Secretary Clinton Meets With Australian Foreign Minister Rudd
Secretary Clinton Poses With G-20 Ministers of Foreign Affairs
Secretary Clinton Speaks With Mexican Foreign Secretary Espinosa
Secretary Clinton Speaks at News Conference

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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton visited Mexico to participate in the first G-20 Ministers of Foreign Affairs informal meeting in Los Cabos, February 18-20. The Secretary discussed issues the United States and other G-20 members face individually and as partners on global economic matters, including principles for the international economic system, green growth and sustainable development, food security, and human development. In a press availability following the meeting, Secretary Clinton said:

"Now more than ever, foreign policy and economic policy are inseparable. Prosperity has to be a core foreign policy goal for all of us, and economic forces virtually impact every aspect of how our nations engage. And what's more, we are increasingly seeing strong connections between traditional G-20 financial issues and questions about economic development, the environment, and good governance. In an age when more people in more places can participate in the global economy, we have to expand the range of partners working to take on our most pressing shared challenges and to work together to take advantage of these new opportunities."

During the press availability, Secretary Clinton also had an opportunity to address the situation in Syria. Secretary Clinton said, "...We are all working toward the planned Friends of Syria meeting at the end of this week, which we think will give us a chance to come together and chart a way forward. I think, like the UN General Assembly resolution that passed overwhelmingly last week, the upcoming meeting will demonstrate that Assad's regime is increasingly isolated and that the brave Syrian people need our support and solidarity."

Secretary Clinton continued, "...We have to prepare for the likelihood that the Syrian regime is going to be under increasing pressure, which will create perhaps more space for all of us to push hard on a transition. And we will intensify our diplomatic outreach to those countries that are still supporting the Assad regime."

While in Mexico, Secretary Clinton also held meetings with counterparts to discuss bilateral issues, and signed the U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Hydrocarbons Agreement, which concerns the development of oil and gas reservoirs that cross the international maritime boundary between the two countries in the Gulf of Mexico. The Agreement is designed to enhance energy security in North America and support our shared duty to exercise responsible stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico.

"this agreement creates new opportunities. And for the first time, American companies will be able to collaborate with PEMEX, their Mexican counterpart. In tough times like these, we need to make the most of every opportunity to create jobs, to foster economic growth and energy security, while managing our resources and our environment responsibly for future generations. Our actions today are further proof of how Mexico and the United States come together to solve shared challenges. From our earliest days, the Gulf of Mexico has been a source of unity for our peoples and our countries. And the steps we are taking today will help make sure it remains that way for decades to come," Secretary Clinton said at the signing of the U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Agreement.

Secretary Clinton also highlighted broader cooperation between the United States and Mexico. In comments describing her visit to Los Cabos, the Secretary said, "...This has been, for our team coming from the U.S., a great opportunity to discuss matters of important -- importance to the bilateral relationship with Mexico, but also to catch up on the full range of regional and global issues that concern us with our -- with my colleagues. And I think it's fair to say, as I made the point in the first working session yesterday, Mexico is emerging as a leader in bringing nations together to solve problems that none of us can solve on our own. And this meeting of foreign ministers from G-20 and beyond is yet another example of that."

The United States and G-20 partners share many opportunities and challenges and work collaboratively on a wide range of issues. This visit provided an opportunity to reinforce close relations among nations and to identify common objectives and strategies to address global challenges and ensure global prosperity.


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