Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton Host Chinese Vice President Xi

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February 15, 2012

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Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Vice President Joseph Biden hosted a lunch in honor of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping at the Department of State in Washington, D.C. on February 14, 2012.

Secretary Clinton said, "Today, cooperation between the United States and China is imperative to address the many vexing challenges we face, from countering proliferation, to addressing climate change, to promoting global economic security. Now, developing the habits of cooperation is not easy. We have a lot of work to do. But we are both committed to building a lasting framework of trust that will support a cooperative partnership for the next 40 years and beyond."

Vice President Xi first came to the United States over 25 years ago on an exchange program to Iowa. During his visit to the United States this week, Vice President Xi will return to Iowa, where he will reconnect with old friends. Secretary Clinton said, "That visit illustrates how important the bonds between our people are. That's why we support programs like 100,000 Strong to send more American students to study in China, and many more people-to-people exchanges."

You can read Secretary Clinton's full remarks here, and learn more about the 100,000 Strong Initiative here. You can view Vice President Biden remarks at the lunch here as well as his remarks to U.S. and China CEOs here.

While in Washington, Chinese Vice President Xi also met with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and those remarks can be read here.



February 16, 2012

W.W. writes:

Chinese able to change

February 16, 2012

W.W. writes:

An unseeming relationship

The question is beginning to surface as to what would possess China or Russia or in this case both to embrace a relationship with the likes of pathetic scum like Assad and Ahmadinejad?

The evil and insanity is supernatural ...and with today's technology, in the face of Humanity unlike ever before.

With vastly differing cultures, other than that the region has strategic military value and resources neither China or Russia see eye to eye on anything. Neither have interest in the cultures and beliefs of Israel or Islam, nor humanitarian concern for what happens within their borders unless for strategic or economic gain.

Except for mutual benefit, China and Russia care even less for each other.

Baiting the hook - Perception Deception

The following may seem like over simplification by a worldview with conventional wisdom but people are coming around to realize conventional wisdom isn't working.

Either Russia or China would prefer to be left to mind their own business ...but with recent economic emergence and increasing demand for oil, plus ...a little Spiritual nudge through a couple of clowns ...China has no intention of letting anyone else interrupt progress nor (other than China) have control (should anything be up for grabs as could easily happen in the Middle East-Persian Gulf) ...including Russia.

The last place either nation wants to be is where they are ...and in bed with each other. The problem is (as they individually perceive it) the prize in front of them is too great for either to lose. Therefore like a cheap movie plot of Satanic proportion, keeping one eye on each other and the other on the prize of spoils and control ...killing together until time to kill each other.

Some of the article below may be old news to strategic Middle East and geo-political buffs, but given recent events in Syria and Iran, reading back through information in context with relevant current events is critical.

David H.
Maryland, USA
February 16, 2012

David H. in Maryland writes:

I am very proud of being a citizen and very pround of talking about human rights of U.S. to friends of other contries. And always have debates with some people who are doubt of human rights of U.S.

But recently I've been feeling very embarrassed when I think about how good of the human rights in U.S.

My father ( also a citizen) got a stroke and has been very sick, whole left body is paralyzed. Couple of times, he is on the edge of leaving the world. My older sister tried couple of times to apply visa from U.S. embassy branch office in China, but being rejected. Even she came states about 2005. The reason from those officers in Visa office is "you should immigrate to U.S. Because you have lots of relatives are U.S. citizen. For this reason, you are not qualified to get a visa".


We are afraid that my sister could not visit my very illed father. She could not come here even one day he leaves the world.

How sad I am! U.S.

United States
February 16, 2012

Bob in the U.S.A. writes:

A few Americans - the ones in Washington, DC - have absolutely no idea what is going on in America, and when they find out the truth it can come as quite a shock to learn what "cooperation with China" has accomplished.

Many of you will not believe some of the things Americans are doing just to survive.

Some families are living in sewers and drain tunnels, some families are living in tents, some families are living in their cars, some families will make ketchup soup for dinner tonight and some families are even eating rats.

Some homeless shelters in America are so overloaded that they are actually sending people out to live in the woods.

As you read this, there are close to 50 million Americans that are living below the poverty line, and that number rises a little bit more every single day.

America was once known as the greatest nation on earth, but now there is decay and economic despair almost everywhere you look. Yes, money certainly cannot buy happiness, but the lack of it sure can bring a lot of pain. As the economy continues to decline, the suffering that we see all around us is going to get a lot worse, and that is a very frightening thing to think about.

There are hundreds of communities all over the country where third world conditions are setting in. For example, the following is how one blogger describes what life is like in a decaying suburb of Phoenix called Maryville….

"Crime and gangs are widespread. Most houses have either fallen into disrepair, or been remade with outside walls sporting spikes and ironwork. Many of the front lawns are now just dirt (or worse, gravel), the pools green and lethal."

Well, when you are making 8 bucks an hour it can be incredibly tough to make it from month to month.

Just look at how much it costs to buy the basic things that we need.

Without gasoline, most of us would not even be able to get to our jobs. The price of gasoline has increased 83 percent since Barack Obama first took office, and it is poised to soar even higher. Right now, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is $3.51. Never before has the average price of gas gone above $3.50 so early in the year. Many believe that we could set a new all-time record this summer.

But last year was bad enough. In 2011, the average American family spent over $4,000 on gasoline.

So when you are making just a few hundred dollars per week, it can be a massive struggle just to put gas in your car and food on the table.

If you want an idea of what is coming, just look at what is happening in Greece. 25 percent of the businesses have shut down, one-third of all money has been pulled out of Greek bank accounts and unemployment and poverty are absolutely rampant.

For years, a lot of prominent voices out there were screaming and yelling about the dangers posed by our loss of factories, our soaring taxes, massive trade deficits and our soaring budget deficits.

But American leaders did not listen. They just kept telling the same lies in Washington D.C. over and over, only to get a broken economy and impoverished nation.

As a result, soon millions of Americans will find themselves doing things that they never dreamed that they would do just to survive.

Ashim C.
February 17, 2012

Ashim C. in India writes:

When VP Biden mentioned value of Chinese currency, IPR related issues and Secretary Clinton mentioned difficulties in developing habits of cooperation, and VP Jinping mentioned "strategic trust" twice in his speech, the massage that came across was there were many thorny issues between the two countries. But they are so intimately entangled with each other economically as two largest economies of world and given the instability and omnipresent signs of fragility in recovery in USA, which Bob has touched upon in his comments, and continued very substantial export dependence of China, it is not difficult to imagine that US and China has no choice but cooperate as they compete as they set their houses in order.

Consolidating recovery necessarily implies for USA substituting imports by manufacturing at home and for China it means extending it's markets in Asia and Africa to compensate for loss of exports to USA and Europe till finally it is able to orient it's economic activities for domestic consumption.

In this situation it is important to note that the real issues on table between the two are a schedule or a time frame and method they have to adopt to change without disruption and dislocation.

But then politics is a game of impossible possibilities and international relations is no different. Imagine USA and Europe takes a political decision to source it's Chinese imports from other developing countries, which are technologically more or less at level with China, it will have grave implication for China. It's growth will slow down which in turn will affect the ability of Communist Party to legitimise it's authoritarianism with it's many ugly manifestations, which US is seen to be compromising by international community. China can retort by stopping imports from developing countries at the worst and by not deciding to helping US with it's debt crisis every now and then. But then there are financial ways of dealing with such problems. Who knows even the structure of authoritarianism may crumble like Soviet Russia crumbled under its own weight.

But the positives of the political decision would be that there will be probably unprecedented growth in a large number of developing countries in Asia Africa and Latin America. There will be surge in their buying capacity and developed economies would be able to trade back their technologies and goods with many benign effects on US economy. In this if US Corporation decide not to overly value their technology and technology driven goods and make the price widely acceptable to take advantage of economies of scale as much as possible.

What China does to international trade by undervaluing it's currency to other developing countries, developing countries do by over valuing their new technology.

A few special mention related to energy security through spread of renewable energy technologies like solar energy. But here also one hears that US has the technology but China sells solar panels to even USA. Instead USA should be selling alternate renewable energy technologies everywhere in the world to enable world economy to shift away from fossil fuel, reduce oil bills and create favourable balance of trade in large number of developing countries and that saving can again be used for imports from developed countries. China will stand to benefit from this too.
US leadership must realise that persuasion is not always the best and most effective way of bargaining in economic matters. Their choice is to take short term hits for gains in midterm and realisation of a stable world economic order in which many aberrations have been created by China.

China too has it’s options. It can give up it’s funny territorial claims in countries in it’s neighbourhood normalise it’s relations and go on a path of cooperation and collaboration. Technological needs of third world countries are similar and are either available or can be developed by a large number of third world countries by their own intellectual and material resources. Third world countries are demographically better positioned to shape their destiny too. They don’t exist to create demands for over production in their systems and other shall one say comfort and esteem needs of their people.


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