Celebrating World Wetlands Day

February 2, 2012
Fan Favorite in the TOURISM Category (Snorkeler)
Fan Favorite in the Wildlife Category (Damselfly)
Fan Favorite in the PLANTS Category (Water and Vegetation)
Fan Favorite in the LANDSCAPE Category (Open Water With Trees)

World Wetlands Day is here! Join us in congratulating our Wetlands Photo Celebration fan favorites -- with images and photographers from around the globe. We have four categories of favorites within our wetlands and tourism theme: plants, landscape, tourists, and wildlife. In the slideshow, you'll see a silt village in Ghana, a gorgeous river in West Virginia, a diver in the coastal wetlands of Mexico, and a beautiful damselfly in Cambodia. Also, many thanks to all of our wetlands tourists and photographers for the hundreds of photo submissions. You can learn more about our World Wetlands Day Photo celebration on our Flickr page. We salute the world's wetlands for their beauty and many critical benefits to humankind. Happy World Wetlands Day 2012!



Ruth T.
Pennsylvania, USA
February 2, 2012

Ruth T. in Pennsylvania writes:

This is a wonderful program


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