The Passing of Vaclav Havel

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December 18, 2011
Former Czech Republic President Havel Answers Questions

More:Statement of President Obama on on the Death of Vaclav Havel

Today, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton released a statement on the passing of Vaclav Havel. Secretary Clinton said:

"I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Vaclav Havel, the Czech Republic's first democratically elected president and leader of the Velvet Revolution. His death is a loss for the Czech Republic and for human rights defenders around the world. He was an inspiration to me and I was proud to call him a friend.

"He once said that his hope was for history to remember him as having done something useful. President Havel spent his life removing chains of oppression, standing up for the downtrodden, and advancing the tenets of democracy and freedom. When communism threatened the peace and prosperity of our world and covered Eastern Europe in a cloud of hopelessness, he wrote plays so powerful they changed the course of history and created new democratic opportunities for millions. And when the people of the Czech Republic were finally allowed to express themselves freely, they overwhelmingly chose a man who never wanted to be in politics.

"He did something more than useful -- he did something extraordinary, and history will remember it. Today, a black flag hangs over the Prague castle in honor of his life and commitment to a better world. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, the people of the Czech Republic, and all those who are committed to advancing human rights."

You can also read Secretary Clinton's statement here.



Apostle O.
December 19, 2011

Perez Iyiola O. in Nigeria writes:

The story of this man, Vaclav Havel and what he did for his people in Czech's Republic in the day of barraging and beclouding Socialist Culture over all Eastern Europe, is very touching...Those were the days the West was jittery at the sorely and threateningly spread of Socialist Culture over Eastern and then already capturing several other continents of the World...Those were the days of cold war between the then two WORLD'S SUPERPOWERS viz: US and USSR...In those days Harvel achieved so well for his peoples, the Czechoslovakians, in putting them on the path of Democracy that lasts till date...Adieu Vaclav Havel, a great fighter and a great winner...

Ven. K.
December 18, 2011

Ashin K. in Canada writes:

I would like to extend my heartfelt condolence to Mr.Vaclav Havel family. He helped our Burmese people's struggle to free from under military regime and he always supported our leader Daw Aung san Suu Kyi. We will never forget about your kind and honest. May you be heavenly place.

Venerable Ashin K.
Vice President, International Burmese Organization, NY, USA and Canada

Robert V.
Minnesota, USA
December 20, 2011

Robert V. in Minnesota writes:

"The Velvet President: Why Vaclav Havel is our era's George Orsell and more.""The most important thing," Havel said in his final New Year's address as president, "is that new generations are maturing, generations of people who grew up free and are not deformed by life under Communist rule."

My greatest thrill was seeing Havel in person in Minnesota as he spoke.

December 22, 2011

Nelson writes:

definitely was a great loss to the world ....


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