New Consulate Compound Opens in Mumbai

Posted by Rosemary Macray
November 23, 2011
Mumbai Consul General Haas Greets IV Applicants
Mumbai Consul General Haas Greets Visa Applicant
Mumbai Consul General Haas Poses With Madison and Family

Two-year-old Madison couldn't have been prouder as she introduced her newborn twin brothers Miles and Mason to Mumbai Consul General Peter Haas. Madison and her parents were the first U.S. citizens to come for consular services at the new U.S. consulate complex in north Mumbai.

Minutes before their arrival on the morning of November 21, the Marine Security Guard Detachment raised the flag and American staff recited the Pledge of Allegiance to mark the official opening of the U. S. Consulate General Mumbai. In consular waiting rooms, Madison and her family were joined by other first-day visitors applying for U.S. passports and immigrant and nonimmigrant visas.

While Consular Section Chief David Tyler interviewed the first nonimmigrant visa applicant, his consular team looked on and emitted a cheer as he approved the visa that would carry one Indian traveler to visit her family in California.

The new Consulate boasts more than 40 interview windows and employs the latest technology to ensure efficiency and comfort for all consular clients.

The new compound consolidates all the U.S. Government offices that had been divided between two buildings in South Mumbai.

The Consulate's growth reflects the growing partnership between the United States and India.

Consul General Haas said, "As our partnership expands and modernizes, so must our Consulate. This new, state-of-the-art facility will allow us to reach out to new people, both in person and using new digital technologies."



November 23, 2011

Adri D. in Indonesia writes:

Congratulations Guys


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