Promoting Global Entrepreneurship: Pakistan’s Textile Industry

Posted by Robert A. Raines
November 18, 2011
Worker Examines Fabric at Textile Factory in Pakistan

November 14-20 marks Global Entrepreneurship Week, a worldwide celebration of entrepreneurial innovators and risk-takers who drive job creation and economic growth and inspire others to follow their lead. Last year, more than 35,000 events took place in nearly 120 countries. Through this initiative, the next generations of entrepreneurs are inspired and can emerge.

On November 16, 2011, Ambassador Cameron Munter, his wife, Dr. Marilyn Wyatt, and U.S. Consul General Nina Fite toured the factory of textile giant Chenab in Faisalabad, Pakistan. While there, the Ambassador and Dr. Wyatt visited Chenab's Stitching Center, which employs 1,500 women. Ambassador Munter praised the diversity of Pakistan's textile industry workforce and emphasized the importance of initiatives, such as the Stitching Center, which promote employment for women. He echoed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, who said that when we liberate the economic potential of women, we elevate the economic performance of communities, nations, and the world.

The delegation met with Chenab's management and discussed the Pakistani business environment. They noted the importance of expanding Pakistan's regional and global trade ties and how the growth of Pakistani business is dependent on improvements in Pakistan's energy sector. Chenab is one of Pakistan's largest exporters of home textiles products. The company covers the complete range of textile operations, from spinning to retailing. Ambassador Munter noted how the textile industry offers an opportunity for the next generation of budding Pakistani entrepreneurs to acquire training and expertise to start their own companies.


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