Secretary Clinton Appears on Sunday Morning News Shows

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October 23, 2011
Secretary Clinton at Town Hall Discussion in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

While on travel to Uzbekistan, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton participated in interviews today with Christiane Amanpour of ABC's This Week, Candy Crowley of CNN's State of the Union, David Gregory of NBC's Meet The Press, and Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday. During the interviews, Secretary Clinton addressed recent events in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Syria, and the Horn of Africa.

On Libya, Secretary Clinton said, "...I think everyone would hope that [Qadhafi] could have been captured and brought to justice, and I am very pleased that the Transitional National Council has called for an independent investigation along with the United Nations. I fully support that, because I think that the new Libya needs to start with accountability, the rule of law, a sense of unity and reconciliation in order to build an inclusive democracy so people who supported the former regime -- unless they do have blood on their hands -- should be safe and feel included in this new country."

On Iraq, Secretary Clinton said, "...Iraq is a very new democracy, of course, but it has made tremendous strides in taking care of its own security. And let's put this into some context here. President Obama has said from the beginning that combat troops would leave by the end of this year. That should not surprise anyone. But it's equally important to remember that this deadline was set by the Bush Administration, so it's been a bipartisan commitment, but it was on President Obama's watch to show the leadership to be able to fulfill that commitment.

"So we are now going to have a security relationship with Iraq for training and support of their military, similar to what we have around the world from Jordan to Colombia. We will have military trainers and support personnel on the ground at Embassy Baghdad. We will be training Iraqis on using the military equipment that they are buying from the United States. And we think that this is the kind of mature relationship that is very common. So I believe that we are looking to fulfill what it is that the Iraqis requested and that we're prepared to provide."

On Syria, Secretary Clinton said, "In Syria, we are strongly supporting the change from Asad and also an opposition that only engages in peaceful demonstrations. And you do not have from that opposition, as you had in Libya, a call for any kind of outside intervention."

On Afghanistan and Pakistan, Secretary Clinton said, "...I would make three points: First, the cooperation on security that we have received over the past years from Pakistan has been absolutely essential in our efforts to defeat and disrupt the al-Qaida network. Secondly, the Pakistanis themselves, as you know, have suffered enormously from their military actions against the terrorist networks. And of course, that's not only been military losses, but civilians to the total of about 30,000 over the last decade.

"And finally, we are very clear we need to do two things together. We need to squeeze the terrorist networks, including the Haqqani Network, out of their safe havens, preventing them from being able to plan and carry out attacks across the border. And we have to, on the Afghan side of the border, squeeze and eliminate safe havens of those who move back and forth and who use safe havens in Afghanistan to attack Pakistan. And we have to have a very firm commitment to an Afghan-led reconciliation peace process. We're about 90, 95 percent in agreement between the United States and Pakistan about the means of our moving toward what are commonly shared goals, and we have a work plan and a real commitment to making sure we are as effective as possible together."


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