TechCamp Goes to Montevideo, Uruguay

Posted by Katie Dowd
October 17, 2011
Students Learn How To Use Laptops at School in Uruguay

The Technology Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU), an innovation hub in Montevideo, hosted our fifth TechCamp to support Secretary Clinton's Civil Society 2.0 initiative to build the digital literacy of civil society organizations around the world.

At a large campus with a vibrant feel, TechCamp Montevideo welcomed more than 50 civil society organizations working in the education field from across the Western Hemisphere, including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Ten top technology experts from a variety of fields including online learning, mobile language programs, open source education platforms, and data mapping also joined us in Montevideo to examine the cross sections of education and technology. Even though some of the participants had to take flights with multiple layovers, all were committed and engaged throughout the two days.

Hosted in partnership with the Government of Uruguay -- whose sponsorship of laptops for youths has seen amazing success for education among children in the country -- TechCamp provided an opportunity for participants to interact with expert technologists through a series of training sessions and small group discussions. Many of the discussions focused on virtual student and teacher exchanges (Exchange 2.0) as well as learning about platforms for mobile-based English language learning.

In somce cases, TechCamp participants applied lessons learned from the discussions in real time. For example, a Guatemalan education civil society organization partnered with an expert technologist to build a customized map of education data, which shows standard test scores from Education Technology Centers across Guatemala. The map they created was made operational during TechCamp, and you can view it here.

Other civil society representatives at TechCamp participated in training sessions hosted by iEARN, a non-profit that connects teachers and students to work together online on collaborative projects. Several of those representatives formed new partnerships that will now bring iEARN to Mexico, Peru, and Honduras.

These outcomes are only the beginning. More collaborations and continued follow-up are occurring among TechCamp Montevideo participants. And, you can join the conversation around technology in education, too! Learn more about Montevideo and other State Department hosted TechCamps at



Alexandro C.
October 19, 2011

Alexandro C. in Uruguay writes:

Who made Who.


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