UNESCO’s Role in Advancing and Promoting Peace

Posted by David T. Killion
September 16, 2011
Ambassador Killion Speaks With Students at Montgomery Community College's Takoma Park Campus

On my most recent trip to the States, I had the pleasure of speaking to students and faculty on two campuses at Montgomery Community College in celebration of their International Peace Week. Montgomery College, with campuses in Takoma Park, Rockville, and Germantown, Maryland, serves nearly 60,000 students from more than 170 countries. It is certainly one of the most diverse community colleges in the nation --practically a mini-United Nations. I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with students about UNESCO's role in advancing and promoting peace.

Through UNESCO's cultural development programs, which strengthen cultural understanding through preservation and development activities, UNESCO is able to help promote pride in cultural heritage and respect of other cultures. The United States is a strong supporter of UNESCO, including these efforts.

The students of Montgomery College knocked my socks off with their knowledge of UNESCO and international affairs. It was a genuine pleasure to speak with them, hear from them, and see our exceptional community college system at work educating both traditional and non-traditional students and expanding the curious minds of America.


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