Ambassador Rice Delivers Remarks After UN Security Council Briefing on the Iran Sanctions Committee

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September 8, 2011

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On September 7, Ambassador Susan Rice, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, delivered remarks after a Security Council briefing on the Iran Sanctions Committee. Ambassador Rice said:

"We had an opportunity today in the Council, as we do every quarter, to review the sanctions regime against Iran. I expressed the United States' condemnation of Iran's continued violations of various Security Council resolutions as well as the IAEA Board of Governors. We're particularly concerned about reports that there is the loading of and preparation for the spinning of centrifuges at the Qom facility, which is a flagrant and blatant violation of existing sanctions. And at the same time, we underscored the importance of continued toughened enforcement of the sanctions regime that exists under 1929 and its predecessors.

"We are also pleased at the Committee and the Panel of Experts have been active in this regard, and that there is indeed a growing will among the international community to enforce these sanctions effectively. And yet, at the same time, we expressed our dismay and concern that there are still some members of the Sanctions Committee that are not amenable at this stage to the publication on the website of the Panel of Experts' latest report, which, in our view is a failure of the mandate of the Committee. It violates the principles and the purposes of transparency for which the Committee and the Panel were established, and we will continue to press for the full and timely publication of the Panel of Experts' report."

You can read the full transcript of Ambassador Rice's remarks on



South Korea
September 8, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Iran is alwyas interesting Isuue to me. also to Israel.

work with Ambassador Susan Rice in UN? but, i just truck driver in s-korea. How to?


my drilling point is Iran`s President. before, too late

and, todays issue is
"Galaxy Tab" and "Greece" and "Finland"
Dear to,

(not Global)

remind of i said, "we save the Greece" not for greece for ours. and need firewall at every continental. 17month ago,also need 12+1 countries.

Galaxy on the tab, the German court's ruling today on September 09, maybe there was a story several times.

Jideon given us any results, we believe that to accept. However, the

Galaxy tabs, but the cases of Greece and Finland, while observing carefully,

Our particular countries and nearly bankrupt state enterprises encounters, they move to another place, who owned the mokdeulyi rather, provides enormous damage to us all that even now, to think that experience. As the financial crisis that occurred in Greece normally difficult to resolve - the world economy in Greece too low in proportion - the day most people uneasy, almost to sleep, I think to start a hard day.

If you are not comfortable with our company and employees by reducing their working hours, to avoid layoffs, the company and workers are trying to minimize the damage.

Country, smartphone and "tablet pc" field is the same thing. Of course, cocept I understand that Apple's claims are. But now, someone will disappear, and that the company had, consumption and production goes down the loop, the effort to fill that space, too painful to think. The company belongs to a national scale, but the global economy.

Right now, someone to disappear, rather than maintaining a proprietary system, if I put the gun down, to keep 80 percent satisfaction, rather than layoffs, and all you have Job, we have a direction that promotes the consumption I think you should choose.

When they recovered the missing middle class, then the litigation, royalty disputes for a start, I thought I'd be drawn to a good result.

Thank You.

i said to 1600 pennsylvania living person

"And, OFA members who live in Seoul so many times already,'re deceiving me. Is there any way to give the White House to resolve? once i`m bears but, worry to i lost confidence to the White House. they are living in Seoul, your supporters ....."

United Kingdom
September 12, 2011

T.J. in the United Kingdom writes:

The IRI regime is expanding it's effort to complete the Nukes cycle. The World is watching helplessly and everyone seems to have accepted the eventual creation of the Nuclear Mullah!!

There is no spare money left to remove this threat.

Although every one knows that, the destiny of Syrian people and the Iranian people are inter twined, not enough is being said or done to encourage a regime change.

United States
September 12, 2011

Zharkov in the U.S.A. writes:

Sanctions are overrated.

Particularly so when UN resolutions are unfair and imposed on only one country while others freely ignore UN resolutions, such as Israel and their nuclear reactor at Dimona. To that extent, I think Iran's government has a valid complaint about selective enforcement of UN resolutions.

The UN being the unconstitutional, artificial creature which it is, apparently has no provision for a UN court in which to complain about the unfairness of sanctions, dispute the appropriateness of the punishment, or to pursue claims of double jeopardy, military self-defense, or other defenses to sanctions.

There is also a strong appearance of bias at the UN towards enforcing any resolutions against some countries. This alone is sufficient to question the fairness and motives for sanctions.

When UN resolutions and sanctions are imposed even-handedly, without exemption, then other nations might be more willing to comply with UN resolutions. As of now, the prevailing attitude is, "if they don't have to do that, why should I?"

America's government once had a reputation of neutrality, fairness, a sense of justice tempered with mercy and common sense, and always trying to do the right thing. Sometime around 1913, we began to lose that reputation and it has gone downhill ever since. We may not be at rock bottom, but something bad can always get worse.

The overthrow of Iran's elected government in the 1950's is one example of how to lose friends and win enemies. I doubt they will ever forget that. Today, it is part of our reputation for doing those things.

As long as we are ignoring our own laws and constitution, let's open up UN decisions to court review, allow Iran or any other government to file a complaint about UN resolutions, and hold a trial to determine whether the resolutions and sanctions have been lawful, reasonable, just, and fairly applied.


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