In Pakistan, U.S. Helps Boost Mango Exports

August 18, 2011
Vendor Sells Mangos on Outskirts of Islamabad

Boasting advanced technology, a new mango processing facility was inaugurated at the Zarpak Horticulture Products Farm in Multan on August 18, 2011. Local government officials and mango farmers, joined by representatives from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), demonstrated how the new processing facility, installed with USAID support, will significantly improve the farm's ability to export high-quality mangoes around the world. The farm's productivity has already increased 15 percent since installing the new processing technology.

"We could not afford modern machines," said a farm worker. "Thanks to the American people, we received not only the latest machines, but also learned how to operate them. Now we can do better work, earn more income, and have a safer work environment." The new mango processing line, installed at the Zarpak Horticulture Products Farm, enables the farm to ship large quantities of quality mangoes to Europe, the Far East, and the Middle East by sea, significantly reducing transportation costs. By September 2011, nearly fifteen farms across Pakistan will be equipped with the new processing technology.

"Through projects such as this, USAID is helping Pakistanis to adopt new technologies, develop work force, find new markets, and ultimately, earn more revenues," USAID Director for Pakistan Andrew Sisson said.

Infrastructure upgrades and increased mango exports will lead to increased revenue, profits, and employment, boosting the economies of Southern Punjab and northern Sindh.


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