Partnering To Address Global Energy Issues Through the LAUNCH Energy Challenge

Posted by Jim Thompson
August 17, 2011
Wind Powered Generator at Vermont Technical College Farm in Randolph Vermont

Through LAUNCH, the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), NASA, and NIKE, Inc. are partnering to identify, showcase and support innovators poised for potential large-scale impact on humanity's most pressing sustainability challenges.

The recently announced LAUNCH: Energy Challenge, which is focused on sustainable energy challenges for the developed and developing worlds, formally begins the third module of the LAUNCH program. LAUNCH modules in 2010 and 2011 focused on Water and Health.

The goal of the LAUNCH: Energy Challenge is to identify 10 game changing innovations that have the potential to transform current energy systems, and help support a more sustainable future. This Challenge seeks to identify entrepreneurial efforts focused on the development of innovative products, services, and programs that can benefit from an association with influential government and business leaders to accelerate their deployment and adoption in both the developed and developing worlds.

LAUNCH was formed to address large, sustainability-related challenges that no single government or commercial entity can solve alone. This is an example of President Obama and Secretary Clinton's vision of a new spirit of global partnership, leveraging creative, cross-sectoral collaborations to achieve what no one entity can accomplish alone. Moreover, LAUNCH exemplifies the efforts of the Office of the Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary to promote global scientific and technological progress as integral components of U.S. diplomacy.

I encourage prospective LAUNCH Innovators to visit the LAUNCH: Energy Challenge website to learn more about the initiative. Finalists will be announced in early October, and innovators who are selected will be invited to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida November 10-13, 2011 where the LAUNCH: Energy Forum will take place.



August 18, 2011

Costan in Romania writes:

That means that all countries can join this partenership ???

Agda S.
August 19, 2011

Agda S. in Brazil writes:

I'm interested in the project that deals with new forms of energy for the planet.

Agda S.
Salvador Bahia Brasil

douglas p.
Kentucky, USA
September 12, 2011

Douglas P. in Kentucky writes:

i make gasoline saver devise allows 75% more MPG and 63% less exhaust polution . fits on new and older cars. been working for 5 years now on cars / trucks with no break downs.


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