In Brazil, Uniting Different Faiths Through an Iftar Dinner

August 8, 2011
Consul General Kelly and Ambassador Shannon Pose for a Photo at Consulate Sao Paulo's Iftar Dinner

On August 3, 2011, U.S. Ambassador Thomas Shannon and Consul General Thomas Kelly invited representatives of Sao Paulo's Muslim and interfaith communities to break the fast of Ramadan at the Consulate's second annual Iftar dinner. This year, the dinner focused on themes of interfaith dialogue and religious tolerance. Ambassador Shannon underscored the value of religious tolerance, highlighting the important role Brazil plays as an international model of positive interfaith relations.

In welcoming the guests to his residence, Consul General Kelly highlighted the cultural and religious diversity of both the United States and Brazil, a diversity which has served as a source of strength for the two societies. He emphasized how the millions of Muslim-Americans in all sectors of society have enriched the culture of the United States. He also underscored President Obama's message that the United States seeks greater dialogue with and among the world's many faiths to further peaceful coexistence between people of all backgrounds.

The Iftar dinner concluded with comments by invitees, who stressed the importance of open dialogue between different faiths and the value of commemorating such an important Islamic tradition along with members of the interfaith community. They expressed gratitude to the U.S. Consulate for facilitating such a spiritual dialogue and bringing together members of the community who may not otherwise have the chance to interact. One of the Sheikhs stated that “we do not come to these events to teach others about our own religion; rather, we come to learn about other religions and open our minds.”



South Korea
August 9, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

in my memory, i helped Brazil.

in this case, i want to say Brazil, Su**ing your ****.

Question to fmr President Rula.

South Korea
August 9, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

America's credit rating downgraded after the stock market and U.S. economic situation is bad, but the Korea of the United States due to the influence of the stock market collapse and go, especially IT and e-finance-related companies with many Samsung, the largest being hit I think. Samsung to promote, rather than the employees working there today, the economic situation is intentionally trying to avoid that humiliating.

My opinion
Perhaps, watching the market, poor measures, rather than substitute for government bonds in the United States fully understands that there is no alternative, then, the world's people together, to present alternative policies - provide cost-effective alternative, even country because of the situation in the process of implementation is likely to cause a lot of confusion I think. Alternative to fully reverse the economic situation is announced at the same time, but I think, first remove the people's frustration and fear, "stable" policy to present to think.

Monetary policy, financial policy, rather than present, while wait-market, people want to present a policy-economic policies, rather than thinking of people as determined by the terms of the psychological judgments that are strong to think.

And China and India, Brazil and Russia to enable the market to think about? Still, the development of free and large population, large land ... There are

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Maryland, USA
August 10, 2011

Patrick in Maryland writes:

If only more people thought this way about religion. It's better to learn about someone else values. Then to think that your way is right, and their way is wrong .
Maybe it's neither way is right, and something in the middle is right. Faith is not about being right or wrong, but believing in something more than we can see,touch,feel or hear. I guess thats why it's called faith.

Anyway ,just my thoughts on this subject.

It's nice to see people listening too each other's views on faith. It's better to listen than to think your right. :)

Nice thoughts, Maha Angelina Armush...

District Of Columbia, USA
September 3, 2011

Steve in Washington, D.C. writes:

This is awesome! We need more of the US Government outreach to people of all faiths all over the world. Kudos to the State Department!


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