Secretary Clinton Meets With Syrian Activists

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August 3, 2011
Man Gives V-Sign During Rally in Support of Syrian Opposition

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton met with U.S.-based Syrian activists and members of the Syrian-American community in Washington, D.C. on August 2, 2011. Following their meeting, Secretary Clinton released the following press statement:

"I met today with a small group of U.S.-based Syrian activists and members of the Syrian-American community to express our profound sympathy for all Syrian victims of the Assad regime's abuse of its own citizens. In our discussion, the activists reaffirmed the internal opposition's vision of a transition plan for a Syria that will be representative, inclusive and pluralistic; a new, united Syria with a government subject to the rule of law and fully respectful of the equality of all Syrians, irrespective of sect, ethnicity or gender. I encouraged the activists to work closely with their colleagues inside Syria to create this unified vision.

"I admire the courage of those brave Syrians, both inside and outside Syria, who continue to defy their government's brutality in order to freely express their universal rights. And I remain confident in the Syrian people's ability to chart a new course for Syria's future.

"As I told the activists today, the United States will continue to support the Syrian people in their efforts to begin a peaceful and orderly transition to democracy in Syria and to have their aspirations realized. We have nothing invested in the continuation of a regime that must kill, imprison and torture its own citizens to maintain power.

"The United States is working to move forward with additional targeted sanctions under existing authorities. We are exploring broader sanctions that will isolate the Assad regime politically and deny it revenue with which to sustain its brutality. The United Nations Security Council has also consulted this week on the escalating violence in Syria. Our view remains that strong action by the Security Council on the targeting of innocent civilians in Syria is long overdue. Some members of the Security Council continue to oppose any action that would call on President Assad to stop the killing, and we urge them to reconsider their positions."



California, USA
August 3, 2011

Garrigus in California writes:

What's happening in Syria is horrible! The rest of the world should ban trade with governments that abuse human life!

August 4, 2011

Munzer in Syria writes:

whats happening in syria it's media brain washing done by USA and it's friends and it's media ,,,,,, when this protesters started there were only a few but they have used a software to make the crowd very huge and they protesters inside were given thuraya satellite calls with out being connected to local network and we know who is the country after this as we suspect america is behind all of this becuase of syria is against america order like gulf, plus there are many terriorst inside killing soldiers do you know 600 soldiers are bing killed and there are many video showing that but USA media wont show this and there are huge quantity being smuggled from turkish and from lebanon and from iraq as syria borders with those countries very big,, anyway america is after all of the problem as its doing brain washing to the world, do you think soldiers doing this as what america media saying they would stay till now,,, its the same propoganda of iraq about nuclear weapon ,,, and same propganda about libya ,,, stop war for oil and for protecting Israel,,,, go see what israel doing to palstinian, see what happend because of nato to libyan 20,000 people died 40,000 handicaped from war 2011,,, and they still and 600 billions of libyan construction gone and when the end of this war they will say diplomatic solution why it was not from the begining , easy oil oil destroy and rebuild this is america regime ,, killed one million in iraq,, 100,000 in japan ,,, many many

South Korea
August 4, 2011

Palgye in South Korea writes:

A lot of interest in Germany, Syria, and effort, commitment? And think.

United States
August 5, 2011

M.S. in the U.S.A. writes:

The OIC has a permanent delegation to the United Nations, and describes itself as the second largest international organization after the United Nations.

The member states of the OIC are also UN members. Doesn’t this create a situation in which some states are represented twice while other member states are represented only once?

Most OIC member countries are non-democratic.

August 5, 2011

W.W. writes:

Sarkozy Berlusconi Putin understood They are getting the Violent Criminals and above all they ll get the Violent one

Let s go ...all agianst those Finacial Criminals as the bidlerbergs as for example at FMI...

New Mexico, USA
August 8, 2011

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Munzer in Syria,

It doesn't take much to figure out you work for the Syrian government from reading your post...and when you figure out your government is lieing to you and has brainwashed you to believe what you say...I pity you upon the realization...or did they simply pay you to post that on this blog as which case you arn't fooling anyone and you might as well give it up because your minders will probably want their money back after reading my post to you.

You know when Russia's Mr. Medvedev says Assad is looking to suffer "a sad fate", that isn't the product of American brainwashing...(chuckle)...we arn't that good at it anyway....and why would the Syrian people do this on our say so when they have decades of Assad's repression to thank him for by hanging his carcass on a meathook as soon as they can possibly get their hands on him?

Because of people like you that have supported Assad...pure and simple...he wouldn't have gotten away with this so long otherwise.

Hope you're proud of being used by that regime, but we ain't buying what you're selling, because it's just a turd you think you can chrome and polish real bright and sell as a trinket to still stinks man, and your cover's blown.

See YA!

Azad D.
August 10, 2011

Azad in Iraq writes:

“According to Report of the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty of 2001, state is responsible to protect the rights of its citizen, but when it
fails in doing so causing grave violations of their rights, this responsibility shifts to the
International community to apply the needed methods including the use of force as a last resort
to prevent further deterioration” (Azad Dewani, p. 21, 2010; ICISS, 2001, p. xi; p. 13).

First of all, in order to look for an appropriate response, the US Administration should consider Bashar Al Assad regime as a dictatorship similar to that of Saddam Hussein and Al Qadhafi; Al Assad dictator cannot convert himself to be reformer because reforms contradict with his illegal power and long term military regime.
Less harmful military response as an operation of humanitarian intervention authorized by the UN Security Council can be the proper response because sanctions and other provisions proved fruitless. On the contrary, regime violence and resulting casualties among civilians have fearfully grown.
The current military regime is threatening the regional stability by supporting Hezbollah, Hamas, and Jihadist groups in Iraq. In addition, it could constitute serious threat for the international security if it succeeded in possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction.
It is also plausible to predict that inaction in the Syrian crisis will lead to the emergence of Jihadist groups inside Syria pushing the regional stability to more tension and possible conflict.

On the other hand, toppling this dictatorship could be a helpful factor for Peace and Democracy in the region, especially if the Free World succeeded in help Syrians to establish their non-centralized democracy under the role of parliament. The Free World should play the leading role in the Syrian crisis.

Syrians need progressive Democracy guided by the Free World.


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