Passport to India Increases Internship Opportunities for U.S. Students

Posted by Molly Teas
July 25, 2011
Secretary Clinton Delivers Remarks at Anna Centenary Library in Chennai

With more than 100,000 Indian students studying in the United States each year, young people in India tend to know a fair amount about U.S. cities, culture and businesses. But fewer than 3,000 U.S. students study in India annually. It's been one of my goals as Senior Advisor for Education in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs to see the number of U.S. students going to India increase. During the Secretary's recent trip to India, she announced an exciting new initiative that I hope will help American young people get to know India better: Passport to India.

Passport to India will promote internships for American high school and college students in India. Funded entirely by private companies, the effort encourages businesses to partner with U.S. schools, colleges, foundations or international organizations to commit to sponsoring American students to intern in their India-based offices and factories. Internships can be in any field, including management, graphic design, manufacturing, high technology and pharmaceutical research. They can also incorporate service learning experiences, including interning at a non-governmental organization that supports women's education or improving child health.

Internships are a great way for students to apply the knowledge they gain from school into real world environments. Most college departments extol the virtues of internships, and more and more schools are requiring students to complete an internship before they graduate. Some highly ranked schools like the University of Pennsylvania and Duke University claim to have 90 and 75 percent of students completing internships, respectively.

Passport to India will not only increase the pool of U.S. students who can communicate, travel confidently and understand business in India, it will also provide a valuable stream of potential employees to companies who need staff with not only book smarts, but international smarts as well.



Harpreet G.
New Jersey, USA
July 25, 2011

Harpreet G. in New Jersey writes:

It is a welcome initiative by the state department. This will for sure enhance mutual understanding between the young people of these two great nations. India and USA can definitely become great allies in the times to come!!!

July 26, 2011

W.W. writes:

India/Indonesia keep on with the bilderberg plan in gathering those provence ...the chinise are still a bit away right ...they don't need the rockefeller they...

You must choose

Sankaran R.
July 26, 2011

Sankaran R. in India writes:

I was in the audience in Chennai when Secretary Clinton made this announcement about the Passport to India program. Actually, it was more like just a sentence in the speech she gave on foreign policy and how she sees India as a leader. I wish she and the local organizers had made more specific information available about this program.

In any case, I am glad that there is now a concerted effort to send American students to India, even though it is for a short term program. There are 104000 Indian students in the US for degree programs making an economic impact of $20 billion. However, there are only 2700 American students who come to India on short term study abroad visits with an economic impact in India of only $15 million. So, I would like to see more of American students here in Inda.

Instead of asking the American companies to take these students as interns in their Indian subsidiaries, a more effective would be for US Universities to collaborate with local Indian Schools so that the American students come to the Indian school on a term abroad which includes internships in India which are arranged in Indian companies by these India collaborators.

If the US parent companies start pushing this initiative over the Indian subsidiaries, there will be a lot of resentment from the local leadership of these subsidiaries. So, work with the local schools.

The National Management School

July 26, 2011

W.W. writes:

Again Mrs. Secretary Mrs Otero , if Gay rights are Human rights then Poor and individual Rights are human rights

Fight this society the one that with a stock market operation empoor many people.

It is time to choose for Y.All in between Good Evil In between The trilateral Bilderberg corporate today governaments and the current oligarchic system or Individual society which rapresent the good and the interest of the many.

please do invest on america do invest on youth and future on individual on self employment otherwise the only answer they can give you it will be just war.

Ankur G.
July 26, 2011

Ankur G. in India writes:

Great initiative by US Government. This will surely prove a major boost for Indo-US relations.


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