Ambassador Munter Inaugurates New Mango Processing Line in Pakistan

Posted by Courtney Beale
July 25, 2011
Ambassador Munter Picks a Mango in Pakistan

Ambassador Cameron Munter inaugurated a new U.S.-funded mango processing line at Lutfabad Farm while visiting Multan on July 24, 2011. As a result of U.S-provided infrastructure upgrades, 13 farms in Southern Punjab will be able to export delicious Pakistani mangos to foreign markets.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Munter said, "Just one year ago, Secretary Clinton pledged U.S. support to developing the export capacities of mango farmers. What we are seeing here today are tangible results of this pledge."

The mango project is designed to support economic growth, fuel job creation, and improve living standards. The U.S. partnership with mango producers is expected to yield a 30 million dollar increase in mango export revenue in the next two years, three million dollars of new investment, and 6,000 new jobs in Punjab and Sindh.

Development assistance is one component of the comprehensive, long-term relationship between the United States and the Pakistani people. During his two-day visit to Multan, Ambassador Munter will also meet with Punjabi business and political leaders as well as alumni from U.S.-sponsored exchange programs.



July 25, 2011

Jaanu in India writes:

This country is famous for good quality Mango tree.

rahool a.
Trinidad and Tobago
July 27, 2011

Rahool in Trinidad and Tobago writes:

hi, this is the kind of program i like to see my american partners doing in the various overseas countries, cuz in fairness, Obama is tryingto create tracks into new horizons for the us business groundwork, and is using the embassies to promote his ideas and activities, not just diplomatic causes for capitalizing in visa applications, which i do have a nagging problem still to deal with,:)....i would have also liked to do some great idea contributions to many stagnated zones, as a result of leadership without break the ice ideas. the feedback from launching these honest and disciplined worked programs, ought to reflect the true expertise of the educated and good character of a real american, and i am of the old school community , looking at the needs of many, including me, haha,it is nice to help and gain from the efforts too, thats a good way to establish any deal!! id like your responses in my fb, thx.....rahool a.


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