Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton and Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna Address Reporters

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July 19, 2011
Secretary Clinton Meets With Indian Foreign Minister Krishna in New Delhi

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna addressed the press in New Delhi, India, on July 19, 2011. Secretary Clinton said, "...Today, I want to just emphasize three of the issues we discussed, because I can only echo what the minister said about the depth and breadth of our conversation."

She continued, "...[L]et me just quickly reference trade and investment, because we think as much progress as we've made, both the United States and India can take further steps to reduce barriers, open our markets, and encourage new business partnerships to create jobs and opportunity for millions of our people while strengthening both of our nations' economic competitiveness.

"Secondly on security cooperation, we are deepening and expanding our efforts and making great strides together on behalf of counterterrorism, but also with respect to maritime security, we believe strengthening our military-to-military ties, including through the sale of defense technologies, will assist the Indian and American militaries to work together in a constructive way on everything from patrolling the seas, combating piracy, providing relief to the victims of natural disasters.

"And finally with regard to our civil nuclear agreement, this represents a major investment by both of our countries in this critical bilateral relationship. We need to resolve those issues that still remain so we can reap the rewards of the extraordinary work that both of our governments have done.

"Now, these opportunities, along with the others that the minister referenced, are within our reach because of the intensive work that we have undertaken in the last two and a half years built on the years before going back into the '90s. We are building habits of cooperation and bonds of trust, and we are standing on a firm foundation. And we believe that we can do even more work to ensure that this important dialogue leads to concrete and coordinated steps that will produce measurable progress for the well-being and betterment of the Indian and American people.

"As President Obama has said, we believe this relationship will be a defining partnership of the 21st century, and we wholeheartedly support the rise of India as a regional and global leader. I will be in Chennai tomorrow and I will speak at greater length on our view of India's role in the region and the world. We believe that this incredibly important partnership between us is strengthening us and equipping us better to meet the challenges ahead."

You can view Secretary Clinton's complete remarks here.



Maryland, USA
July 20, 2011

Patrick in Maryland writes:

I liked what was said about improving our relationship with India.
I think it will help if we open our markets.
More free trading is what both our countries
need to improve this economy.
I also thought that better communication between India ,and there neighboring countries, is important for the security of all involved.
As for their discussion about the improvements in Education,Agriculture,Science,
nuclear power and Defense technologies.
I think this is something they are working on in all countries we have partnerships with today.

Anyways,just my thoughts about this conversation.

Best Regards, Hillary&DipNote;.. :)


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